The Morning After

Ben can review a game less than 20 minutes after it was over, and it takes me 7 hours of sleep, a shower, and two cups of coffee to try and get my thoughts in order.  I know it's said over and over, but thanks for all the hard work Ben.  You do an awesome job on this site.

Now, on to my thoughts.

1.  Davin Meggett said it best (as quoted from has since been edited): 'They don't judge you on how close you were.  You either win or you don't.  You're either pregnant or you're not.  So we just have to try again next week.'

2.  In all honesty, I didn't think we'd have a prayer of staying on the field with Clemson last night.  Living in S.C., I've seen them on a weekly basis and I knew, offensively, they were legit.  Hats off to C.J. and the offense (excluding a couple of receivers) for their great performance last night.  This is exactly what Crowton's offense can do and as much as he's been bashed by us on a weekly basis, it was exciting to watch.  It looked like Clemson was more prepared for D.O.B., so a hats off to Edsall for the last minute decision to start C.J.  The funny thing is that Clemson's defense sees that kind of offense every week in practice and still couldn't stop it. 

3.  I still don't know why we would kick it deep last night after every score.  Edsall can chew the kicker out in front of everyone but he doesn't do it EVERY TIME unless he was told or unless it was part of the plan.  There are these things called squib kicks...or short kicks...make someone else beat you except Watkins.

4.  Defensively, I know we're young, but they've got to show more heart than they did last night.  You're beating a team that's ranked #8 in the country 35-17 in the 3rd Quarter and there seemed to be no emotion from them.  They laid the wood on a couple of Clemson players and it seemed like they still weren't pumped about it.  Dabo made a statement after the game that I agree with: "In the end, we wanted it more than they did".  I hate when an opposing coach is right, but it's the truth.  Yes, Clemson is bigger and faster than we are, but you've got to have some've got to show some've got to want it.  Hopefully last night's experience will pay off for these guys in the future.

5.  Danny O'Brien...damn.  As much as I HATE to say this, I will agree with what Terps3030 said last night: if D.O.B. plays, we get crushed.  Like I said in point #2, Clemson seemed prepared for D.O.B., not C.J.  Crowton's offensive scheme fits Brown more than Danny.  I hope D.O.B. finishes out his career as a Terp, but if he decides to leave us after this year, I would totally understand.  Football is a team sport, but in the end, you're going to do what's best for you and your future.  He hasn't looked comfortable at all this year.  I still think, though, that he's going to have to come in a game late this year and lead us to victory.

6.  D.J. Adams.  Edsall better have a really good reason for not playing him or he will have some serious explaining to do.

7.  I'm not blaming our 2-4 record on Edsall, but for some reason, I just don't trust this guy.  After his team's BCS game last year, he doesn't even fly home with his TEAM (the team that doesn't have their names on their jerseys), and tells his TEAM, over the phone, that he's taking another job.  His team is up 35-17 over the #8 team in the country and he's not showing any emotion.  Get a little pumped Randy...smack some of your freshmen defensive players on the ass and tell them to keep playing hard to build their confidence...chest bump your boys a little bit to show recruits how much you want this...etc.  Maybe that's just me...maybe that's the type of head coach I like.  You're coaching 17-22 year old kids who aren't paying bills yet...who may never make it to the NFL...who have a lot of energy...who WANT their coach to show some excitement when they do something great...give some of that love back.  Maybe that's part of the reason you're record against ranked teams is now 1-19.

Go 'Terps.

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