Future MD Bball Recruiting Classes; Local Talent

Since the 2011 class seems all but done, pending Hubert's decision and maybe a last minute offer to Whiitington.  I wanted to see what MD had in terms of local talent since it seems to always be the topic of conversation regardless of winning or losing.  Gary's inability to track top talent from the local DC area seems to always be a hot button with most advid MD fans, including myself, but only to an extent.

The two future classes, the Class of 2012 and the Class of 2013 does not have much of local talent on their lists as of right now.  Obviously in six months or a year several things can occur and the list could look much different.  I have pulled off a couple of names that have local ties or are within the surrounding area.

Class of 2012:

- Amile Jefferson   6'7"     PF      Philadelphia, PA     #9 Nationally

- Daniel Ochefu     6'9"     C        Westtown, PA          #20 Nationally

- Kyle Anderson     6'7"     SF      St. Anthony, NJ        #25 Nationally

- Damien Wilson   6'5"     SG      Oak Hill, VA             #49 Nationally

- Justin Anderson  6'6"    SF       Montrose, MD         #51 Nationally

Class of 2013:

- Kurin Iverson       6'8"     PF       Northwest, CT       #4 Nationally

- Chris Thomas     6'5"     SG      Princeton Day, MD # 5 Nationally

- Austin Colbert      6'9"    PF       St. Patrick, NJ         #14 Nationally

- Troy Williams       6'5"    SF       Hampton, VA           #19 Nationally


I know most of these are long shots, but since MD always seems to be two steps behind in the process fo recruiting I wanted to see what knowledge any one had outside of Justin Anderson.  Ben B. this might be an area you can help shed some light on if you know anything about this list of players.  I am only going off ESPN's national rankings and since the future classes only list the top 60 for 2012 and the top 25 for 2013 there are several great/good players not listed.

I would like to see what we can look forward to locally in the future if Bino can do what we all hope he can.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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