Watching Terps in Europe

Lately I have been burning some mid afternoon hours keeping up with former terrapins who are playing professionally in Europe.  Some of them are doing quite well there, and that is a fun thing to see.  Euroleague, the top league in Europe, just entered into its 2nd round.  Which is like the 2nd half of the season but they cut out the bottom half teams.  Some notable Terrapins still playing for a championship include Terrence Morris, Drew Nicholas, James Gist, and Sarunas Jasikevicius.

Jasikevicius plays for Fenerbache Ulke in Turkey.  In the teams first game of the 2nd round he scored 5 pts but committed 5 turnovers in 8 minutes.  The teams next game is Thursday against Power Eletric.

DJ Strawberry is listed on teh roster for Lietuvos in Lithuania but has not appeared in any games since 2008.

Drew Nicholas is a shooter specialist for Panathinaikos in Athens.  In the regular season he averaged 8.3 ppg and shot 16/37 from 3pt land.  In the teams game 1 win, Nicholas started and scored 10 pts, shooting 2/4 from downtown.  He also grabbed 3 boards and 2 assists in 25 minutes.  His next game is Thursday at 2:45 PM EST.

Terrence Morris is highly valued for his defense.  He plays for Regal FC Barcelona, where he is helping defend a championship from a year ago.  On the season he averaged 8.6 ppg, 4.6 rebounds, and 1 block.  In the team's first game, he played most of his 17 minutes during crunch time, scoring 11 points and adding 1 block and 3 steals.  He hit a couple of big three pointers when the opponent, Maccabi, were mounting a comeback.  Barcelona next plays Thursday at 2:45.

The top European Terp this season has been James Gist.  He has started every game for Partizan mt:s in Belgrade as their main low post option.  In the regular season, Gist averaged 30 min, 12.9 ppg and 7.3 rebounds.  He struggled in the team's first game loss last week.  While he pulled in 9 boards and had a big block, Gist shot only 3/12 from the field for 7 pts and had 3 costly turnovers.  Partizan will sink or swim with Gist as he is the essential part of the team's offense.

One other Terp is also playing for a title in Europe, but not in the Euroleague.  Nik Caner-Medley plays for Estudiantes in Madrid.  The team missed qualifying for Euroleague but did make it into Eurocup and is in the 2nd round of that league.  In the regular season, NCM started all 6 of the teams games, scoring 12.4 ppg and grabbing 5.9 rebounds.  In the first game of Round 2, Nik scored 14 points shooting 2/3 from three point territory and hauled in 4 rebounds and a block.  THe second game just wrapped up a couple of minutes ago.  Caner-Medley only scored 5 points but did get 5 rebounds, 2 assists, a steal and a block to help him team get off to a 2-0 start.  Estudiantes plays next February 1st.

Most of the European games stream live somewhere on the internet around 3 pm.  A good place to start is but searching for the team names can work too if you would like to watch some former terrapins representing overseas.

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