Maryland Minute 1.23.11 - On Haukur Palsson's Start

"Energy" reason behind Palsson starting over Mosley - D1scourse
He did fine, but I wouldn't expect this change to stick. Aside from presumably regaining his energy by the 27th, Mosley actually played pretty well. He also heavily out-minuted Palsson, meaning this is likely a one-time change or one of Gary's "starter vs. finisher" ploys.

Maryland hit 12 of its final 14 FTs, not including the intentional miss by Cliff Tucker. That's pretty impressive for a team that's terrible at making FTs.

Da'Rel Scott Note from East-West Shrine Game
Sounds like he didn't get a lot of run.

Da’rel Scott didn’t get many snaps, but did get the opportunity to display his acceleration through small creases on a 5-yard run in the second quarter.
I still think he'll be a late-round draft pick.

Rivals' Jerry Meyer on Justin Anderson
Because we just haven't heard enough of him in the past few days.

Anderson does have freaky athleticism, but I'm still waiting to see him put it together into productive play. You can pretty much count on one jaw-dropping highlight play, but at the same time you can count on several plays where you wonder what he is thinking and then a lot of plays where he sort of disappears.

Now part of the reason why he might disappear or make a negative play is that Anderson's skill level hasn't caught up with his athleticism. I haven't seen him play this high school season, but that would be wonderful if his jump shot is truly catching up to his tremendous athleticism.

There's an Under Armour Brandon Jennings Invitational
Thought this was relevant, based on the UA mini-discussion going on under the Justin Anderson FanShot. Eight UA-sponsored HS teams, including SFA (Sean Mosley) and Lincoln (Born Ready) met in Milwaukee over the weekend. No Terps targets are represented in the wrap-up other than JP Tokoto, but I find it encouraging nonetheless. Real relationships are based in AAU, but this is a pretty solid start. Now they just need something similar with the...uh, like four?...UA-sponsored AAU programs.

WalterFootball Mocks Torrey Smith to Redskins in Second Round
Would be amazing for Skins fans like me.

Virtual Vensanity: Blogger on Blogger: Testudo Times' Ben Broman
We answered some questions for the Sun's Matt Vensel for his new feature, Blogger on Blogger. Go check it out.

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