State of Maryland Bball

I don't want to wear out the same old thing, but oh well this is what we all love to chat about.

With MD sitting at 11-6 overall and 1-2 in conference, Md is not where it needs to be and should be after 17 games.  Honestly if you were to tell me before the season our record after 17 games and told me who we lost too, I probably wouldnt have been shocked...actually I think we are pretty much where everyone would have projected us. 

Look back at posts before the season the main question coming into this season were will JWill improve and if so by how much?  Well he has definitely exceeded my expectations for his Sophomore campaign, so no fault of JWill's. 

Would the Senior's step up and contribute while being leaders?  Well, Dino has steadily improved since the beginning of the year and has been a pleasent suprise.  He still pales in comparison to JWill.  Bowie has been what I anticipated with his 9ppg average and thankfully he is not handling the ball like in the beginning of the year, which I believe if we would have allowed a frosh to start and move Bowie to the wing we would have beaten at least one if not two of the big non-conference teams we played.  The biggest disappointment for the Seniors is hands down Tucker.  Tucker has proven he can score.  The problem is when will it occur, and so far this year its really only been in cupcake contests or too little too late in bigger games.  Cliff seems to be struggling with his confidence on putting up shots especially the 3.  When he finally mustards up enough courage his shot looks good (for the most part) and he normally produces good numbers.  The major negative about Cliff is you dont know which Cliff you will get day in and day out.  That hurts since MD is in desperate need of a second consistent scoring option outside of JWill.

What will Sean Mosley do this year?  MD needed Sean to do more then he has given us through the first 17 games.  Sean is his consistent scrappy self on fighting for boards, loose balls and grabbing junk points.  Sean has been in foul trouble in several contests and has not shown any consistent scoring presence yet.  Sean has one of the best mid-range jumpers on our team and he knows how to use a screen to get an open look.  Sean and Cliff are just a like in the fact that neither provide consistent games.  I believe a lack of identity has plagued Sean since his Freshman year.  I would say overall Sean has been a disappointment overall, but does do a lot of good for us other then scoring.

Will any newcomers blossom and who will step up and be a main stay?  I can say that I am pleased with several of our newcomers this year and I believe Gary proved that he still knows talent that is under rated.  Going into the season I believe the only true contributor everyone knew would be is Peshon.  Pe has done a good job and has done a great job on certain occasions when it comes to controlling the Charleston.  He also has shown signs of reckless play, which comes with being a frosh.  Stoglin has done more then I anticipated, I knew he can put up points, but I am more pleased with his ability to drive and create shots.  I think he has been a pleasent suprise.  HAWK is the man, he is the new Iceland version of Mosley, but has more confidence to put some shots up.  I tremendously underestimated the HAWK and for that I am sorry.  Weijs, Pankey and Parker have done nothing for this team.  Weijs did not have much expectation coming out of a JUCO, Pankey still had questions on his health and obviously it was worse then we ever knew and Parker is taking more time to adjust then we had hoped.

Bottom line this team is exactly where I thought they would be, not where I wanted to be and definitely not where they could be, but MD still has a chance for a NCAA bid...a great chance thanks to a down year in the ACC.  If MD is able to win the games they should and can then we will get in.  I believe MD has taken care of their opponents everyone expected us to beat outside of maybe BC at home.  Still not a horrible loss.

With all the uncertainty going into this year, once again you must give it up to GWill for his coaching and lets get behind this bunch to hopefully push forward for a tourney birth.  Remember MD lost all their big non-conference games on the road or at neutral sites.  MD did not play a major non-conference game at Comcast.  This team can play with the best in the country.  The only complaint I have is shoot your damn free throws better.


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