What We Learned Against Navy

First and foremost we learned that there should be absolutely no excuses made for the coaching staff and that they should be held accountable based on the results on the field this year.


Simply put we have talent, and a lot of that talent was on display.  We have size, and a lot of that was on display.  Finally, we have blazing speed on offense.  That should be enough to get to a bowl game with competent coaching.


What else did we learn?

1. Mr. Franklin is so clueless when it comes to offensive play-calling.  That playaction pass in the redzone was CRIMINAL and was really a turning point in the game.  You can blame Jamar all you want but why call your first downfield pass of the game, with a relatively unpolished passer in that spot?  Especially considering we were mowing Navy over with the running game.

2. Mr. Friedgen can still motivate.  This was really what I quesitoned last year.  The team seemed to lack confidence and motivation in a lot of key games.  That was not the case yesturday.  We clearly matched, if not exceeded Navy's motivation and preperation.  Kudos to the fridge.

3.  As an ancillary point to number 1, it's a crime taht we did not work Torrey Smith into the offense more.  I'm puzzled.  Give the kid a few reverses, a few screens.  Instead he got one screen, one reverse, and one downfield target.  For a kid who has all-acc talent that is unacceptable playcalling.

4.  Darell Scott and D. Megget will be a formidable duo out of the backfield this year.  It seems like they have put last year behind them.  Both displayed excellent speed, burst, and vision (especially scott on the vision front).  Scott seems to be the better every down back to me. .  If you sprinkle in 10 carries for D. Meggett, then I think we will have something.

5.  Wujiack is a beast!  period.

6. Our secondary is going to struggle unless it improves.  They were not good at getting off of their blocks on the edge, and really navy had open guys everytime it dropped back to pass.  Let's hope that we can just chalk that up to navy's wierd style.  This is going to be key.  D. Brown's blitzes will put our guys out on islands...can they deliver?

7.  J. Robinson may not be a starting qb in the acc.  If he can't get some sort of passing game going---it just isn't going to work out.


Anything else that you all picked up on?

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