Maryland Minute 8.25.10 - ACC Previews Edition

Big news o' the day: Jabari Brown and Maryland at least have some kind of mutual interest again. The rest:

Video: ACC preview - ESPN

Check it. Absolutely zero mentions of Maryland. BC and Miami get the nods for the championship game.

ACC Preview: Scouting the league with ESPN's Jay Bilas - The Dagger
A Q&A between the Dagger and Jay Bilas regarding the ACC's upcoming season. No mention of Maryland. Haters. (Actually, Maryland should relish flying in under the radar...again).

Also, we made their top 20 ACC-related Twitters! First off, a thank you, and secondly, feel free to follow us whenever you like (@testudotimes). Appreciate it. (And I do post more than links. It just may not look that way right now...I've been busy and un-clever lately.

Furstenburg, Stinebaugh Apparently Doing Pretty Well - WaPo
Well, that doesn't sound all that bad.

"Furstenburg is playing the best he has ever played," Friedgen said of the Flemington, N.J., native who had a touchdown in Monday's scrimmage. "Stinebaugh has really improved. He is not a finished product, but he is a lot further along than I thought he would be. They will need to play a lot of football for us."

Eh, it actually still sounds kinda bad.

Regardless of who starts, corners Hughes and McDougle will both play plenty for Terps -

"McDougle had a very solid day," defensive coordinator Don Brown said of Monday's scrimmage. "He obviously had an interception that resulted in a touchdown and a number of passes defensed. But Trenton did as well. The bottom line is you're not going to get away in this league with two corners."

Still, for match-up and playing time purposes, it's pretty important.

B/R: The Magic Numbers for "Hot Seat" College Football Coaches
You know what they say: B/R is the Wikipedia of sports reporting websites, only without the whole "only knowledgeable people take the time to do it" thing. After all, sports writer is a dream occupation, but sometimes things shouldn't be crowd-sourced. Regardless, at least one person says that Ralph needs 6 wins to save his job. I should hope it would be a little higher.

Travis Ivey will be carrying pads in Cleveland -
Miami > Cleveland, but job > no job. Hope he catches on.

Varsity News' Football Preview: Five Area Teams You Need To Know About - SB Nation DC
Nice primer. Also, supremely depressing.

September 15th Will Be "Mike Krzyzewski Day"

Rush The Court - Harvard Study: No Discernible Advantage to Fouling While Up Three
Found this interesting, though it's not Maryland-related. The odds of making one free throw then getting the ball back and making another shot are about the same as just making a plain old three-pointer. How bout that?

Of the 52 teams that committed a foul, six lost the game for a winning percentage of 88.46%. Of the 391 teams that did not foul, 33 lost the game for a winning percentage of 91.56%. Both a two sample t test of proportion and a Chi-squared test fail to reject the null hypothesis that there is a difference in winning percentage between the two strategies. In this sample, teams that did not foul won slightly more often. For the less statistically inclined, this means that there is no significant difference between the two strategies.

Obviously, it depends on the situation. If the team is filled with three-point shooters, you might want to take that shot.

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