Maryland Minute 8.20.10 - C.J. Brown Closing in on Danny O'Brien for #2 Quarterback

Terrapins Insider - Friedgen on his backup quarterbacks
Brown has closed on O'Brien. Wrote about this earlier; if DOB doesn't hold his lead, he'll probably miss a playing opportunity later in the season.

Stacking up the ACC: Quarterbacks - National Football Post
Another second-to-last ranking for Jamarr.

Robinson ran for 129 yards against Virginia Tech in his first start and directed five scoring drives the next week at Florida State. He has moxy, and who knows what the Terps can do with a healthy Da’Rel Scott. Perhaps save Ralph Friedgen’s job? Well, that’s a different story.

Plenty Riding On Under Armour’s Basketball Shoe - CNBC
This should put into context what UA is going up against here.

The chance to take market share is limited –- Nike [NKE 71.068 -1.172 (-1.62%) ], through its Nike, Jordan and Converse brands, owns an astounding 95 percent of the $2.4 billion U.S. basketball shoe market, according to Matt Powell, analyst for SportsOneSource, a sports market retail tracking firm.


If UA doesn’t grab at least 1.5 percent by the end of 2011, I’m calling this a failure. If they take 2.5 percent, I think they have a future. If Under Armour can grab four percent of the market place in year one, I’ll define it as an incredible success.

Yep, 2.5 percent and this thing goes down as a success. I get the feeling that Brandon Jennings will play a big role, as will UA's marketing. Simply selling basketball shoes for basketball won't do. They need to make their basketball shoes lifestyle shoes, too.

Technician - Debbie Yow Unleashes the "Yow Howl"
Um, wait what? What wolf sounds like that?

Bruce Campbell Could Start for Raiders
He shatters the stereotype of Maryland workout warriors by actually being good at playing football, too!

Campbell took over at right guard for veteran Cooper Carlisle in the preseason game against the Cowboys and played very well. In fact, he looked a lot better than Carlisle—especially on outside runs in which the guard was expected to pull out and lead the play. If Carlisle continues to play as poorly as he did last season, or as bad as he did against the Cowboys last week, Campbell could find himself in the starting lineup for the silver and black when September finally arrives.

ESPN: Maryland's Recruiting Class 6th in the Conference
Assuming no defections, of course. Oh, and we're above VT and...well, we should be ahead of everyone else anyway. Found this interesting.

King has the frame to possibly develop into an H-back type and may be best used as a slot player at the next level. He could also become a red zone target where he has great potential to be a real weapon. With his size and strength, it wouldn't be surprising if King was given a look as a safety/OLB hybrid.

There could certainly be a glut of talent at the WR spot, but I was hoping they would use it to have the best WR corps in the conference, not spread the talent around.

McShay Rates the ACC Draft Prospects
I was going to have a post on this tomorrow, may still but we'll have to see. It's insider, but I'll let you know that Scott is the best and Wujciak is #2.

Varela's Undray Clark works to overcome off-field obstacle - Herald
Interesting story about the recent Maryland commitment. He has a heavy lisp, which has caused an unusual social situation for a star athlete. Regardless, he sounds like a great player on the field.

Last season, he blocked three punts, returned four kickoffs for touchdowns, caught three passes for touchdowns as a slot receiver and led the team in tackles. This summer, Clark verbally committed to the University of Marlyand, passing on offers from Wake Forest, Louisville and Duke, among others. But Minnesota, Dixon said, hasn't given up hope on swaying Clark at the last minute.

Oh, awesome, Minnesota wants to steal a recruit too. Perfect.

Swish Appeal: Maryland 7th Best Women's Basketball Program
Would've been higher without last year's, I imagine.

A NCAA title in 2006. Elite Eight in 2008 and 2009. ... A top-ten team in attendance. A great facility at the Comcast Center. ... Currently, the best conference game of the year (Maryland vs. Duke, wherever). And the scary thought...even though hated Duke has the #1 recruiting class according to ESPN, a ravenous turtle is chasing the Blue Devis with the #2 recruiting class off to Maryland. Maryland shouldn't fall out of the top ten any time soon...and might move up....

Omar Gonzalez has a bright US future - FOX Sports
Gonzalez is a former Terp.

Gonzalez is dominant in the air, faster over long distances than most realize and he reads the game very well. Gonzalez has already established himself as one of the most imposing defenders in the league and will challenge for MLS Defender of the Year honors as he heads up the stingiest defense in the league.
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