Maryland Minute 7.8.10 - Jabari Brown Shines at LBJ Skills Academy

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Yeah, Jabari Brown is Really, Really Good
ESPN thinks he's one of the best at LBJ Skills Academy.

Brown is one of the best shooters in the Class of 2011, and during drills, he did a great job of reading dribble penetration and moving to the open area to deliver his smooth jumper. Brown also looked good shooting off screens and pulling up for midrange jumpers at high speeds. The opposing defense needs to know where Brown is at all times because he can hit multiple jumpers, make a strong move off the dribble or finish above the rim with a clear path.

A New Target? DCA PG Jerome Seagers Shines at Adidas Invitational
Maryland's pretty well set at PG with Pe'Shon Howard and Terrell Stoglin coming in this year and Sterling Gibbs the year after that. But they've never been shy about adding players that can run the point, and Jerome Seagers, a surprising PG that took over for Quinn Cook at DC Assault, could be a target.

Seagears is a 6-foot-1 and loves to push the ball with pace, but he is more than just fast, he knows how to play. Against Brookwood, Seagears made solid decisions with the basketball, got his teammates involved, and also ran the show. More than anything though he flat out had it working from the field.

Scoring is something that comes naturally for Seagers and it is because he can do it in so many ways. Seagears is excellent in using ball screens, especially going to his right, and when he does get the screen he is threat to either get a paint touch off the drive or shoot it from deep. Either way it often resulted in a bucket. Also Seagears used the step back jumper as a weapon, and it was his performance that got D.C. Assault the victory.


Seagears says he has offers from Cincinnati, Rutgers, DePaul, Clemson, Maryland, and Boston College with interest from Arizona and Georgetown.

Don't know how much interest there is considering Gibbs is aboard, but nothing's a guarantee and Seagers is pretty highly ranked. Not a big deal, but I figured I'd pass it along.

C'mon, Analysts: Don't You Know Jordan Williams?
I guess part of me should be happy that Jordan Williams isn't getting any preseason draft buzz. But seriously, is it just me or should he be getting a tad more pub? He doesn't make the list of 31 linked above, nor this shocking list of 65+ prospects. Is Andy Katz really saying that if Dogus Balbay, Matt Howard, and Jordan Williams entered the draft next year, Williams would be the last picked?

I'm nitpicking and I know it. But I'm fulling expecting hell to be unleashed by Mt. Williams next year.

Football recruits are buying into Mike London's sales pitch at Virginia
UVA football will experience a comeback sooner rather than later. Mike London is a big reason for that. Maryland and UVA are similar programs, so they're a sort of barometer for us. And their future is currently a lot better than ours.

More TV Deal Details - FanHouse
Among them is expanded coverage for baseball and women's basketball. Maybe we'll get to see Bakich's boys in action next year.

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: Caner-Medley, Strawberry Join NBA Summer League
I expected DJ to get on a team, and that it's the Lakers (with Steve Blake, if he makes the cut) is pretty sweet. But NCM's back! What a trip it would be to see him in the lig. He was pretty good in his time here, actually; was one of my favorites when he was healthy.

Sooo....Kyle Wiltjer Is Pretty Good
I have no idea how heavy this recruitment got, if it was one at all, but wow, I'm a big-time Kyle Wiltjer fan.

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