Maryland Minute 7.7.10 - Maryland's AD Search Committee To Meet July 15

Maryland AD search committee to hold first meeting July 15
The search begins.

Washington Post - Randy Eaton to keep Maryland athletic department on its toes
A piece by Steve Yanda on interim AD Randy Eaton. It's actually a good piece by Yanda. You won't hear me saying that too often... - DT

Yanda's a lot better than Prisbell when it comes to this kind of stuff, so there's no surprise that it's good. Eaton should instill some confidence in you; he's saying all the right things. - BB

Recruiting Report: Q&A: Len Elmore talks iHoops, Terps
Great piece by Bracken. Definitely worth the read. - DT

Interesting stuff from Elmore on this one. iHoops is a strange enterprise. - BB

Women's Basketball To Host 1st and 2nd Rounds of NCAAs
The NCAA announced that Maryland will host first and second round games of the 2011 NCAA Women's basketball tourney. I think this just shows that Comcast is a top notch facility and that they know MD can draw crowds. - DT

John Crowder Basketball Tribute (1992-2010)
Capitol Hoops has a John Crowder tribute video up; he was very, very talented. Such a sad story.

Maryland and Maurice Harkless
Maryland has offered the former UConn commitment, who's supposedly blowing up this summer. - BB

He's listing MD. I'd be happy stealing something from UConn for once. I'm not still bitter about Rudy Gay. Not at all. - DT

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: Crystal Langhorne Named to WNBA All-Star Team
Crystal Langhorne is tearing it up for the Mystics, almost averaging a double-double (17 & 9.8). - DT

Key stretch: Wake Forest - ACC Blog - ESPN
Heather Dinich thinks that the key stretch in Wake's schedule this year includes their trip up to College Park. She thinks it's a winnable game for the Deacs since they'll be coming off a bye and MD is returning from a trip to BC. I think Wake is going to be terrible this year and if we lose this game at home to them, I think our season and Ralph's job are both in trouble. - DT

100% agreed. Wake is a must-win game. They'll probably be the worst team in the ACC this year. - BB

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