Maryland Minute - 07.29.10 - Juan Dixon Receives One-Year Ban

There was no real overarching theme to today's MM, but the biggest news focuses around Juan Dixon and it's not good...

Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now?: Juan Dixon Suspension Finalized: 1 Year Ban
That sucks for Juan; looks like he'll be taking most of the 2010-11 season off. -BB

My Take - ugh. Poor Juan. Hopefully he can overcome this...

The Diamondback - Uncertainy dominates Terps' outlook
You've probably read enough of these "Fridge was great, last year sucked, will Fridge keep his job" articles, but there's not too much going on these days, so here's another.

Maurice Harkless "Wanted to See What Was Out There"
I have nothing against any particular UConn fan. But I don't like the team, and anyone that annoys them is good by me. So keep on keepin' on, Harkless. -BB

MH: I just wanted to really open it up because I wasn't that sure … and there's a lot of stuff going on with Jim Calhoun—his health and all that. I just wanted to weigh my options and see. It might still be the right place for me. I wanted to see what else is there for me. SN: Who have you heard from at this point, since it opened up?
MH: There's a lot of new schools, actually. I heard from Kansas, Louisville, Florida, Maryland, Memphis, Florida State, Miami, St. John's, Rutgers. There's a lot of others. Cincinnati. | St. Louis, MO | 2010 FBS Positional Analysis: Linebackers

ALEX WUJCIAK, MARYLAND A throwback type of LB, this Maryland Terrapin just keeps getting better. Regarded as one of the top playmakers at his position in the entire country, the 6-3, 245-pound Wujciak followed up Second-Team All-ACC honors in 2008, with First-Team honors in 2009. As a junior last season, he ranked second in the ACC with a team-high 131 tackles (eighth nationally), with 8.5 TFLs and two interceptions. The Terps are not in a position to return to the top of the ACC standings, but expect to hear Wujciak's name mentioned often regardless of where Maryland finishes up.

Good to know others outside of the ACC are giving Wujciak the credit he's due...

The Diamondback - Competive cheer decision likely won’t impact univ.

A Connecticut federal judge’s ruling that cheerleading cannot be used to meet gender equality requirements under Title IX might be interpreted as a blow to the Terrapin competitive cheer team’s efforts to have the sport recognized by the NCAA.

Kind of ironic that this decision comes down right after Yow left. But the judge gave them a list of what's required for they need to be considered a sport. I know a lot of people shake off competitive cheer, but if you've ever seen it, it's nothing like regular cheerleading. It's on par with gymnastics, so if you're calling that a sport, you can justify calling this one too.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup - Matt Bracken -
One of my favorite reads each week.

YouTube - Maryland fighting back
Video of Torrey Smith and Alex Wujciak from ACC Media Day.

ACC Football Commitment Lists: Atlantic Division, July 29 Articles
Rundown of ACC Atlantic commitments in football.

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