Maryland Minute 7.23.10 - Torrey Smith, Alex Wujciak Head to ACC Media Day, Plus Vegas Round-up

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Terps Head to ACC Media Day
You can watch online! Maryland will be going at 3:11 on Sunday, and the ACC should have a feed on I'll update with a link when it happens.

Seven Maryland subplots for ACC media day -
Patrick Stevens gives the requisite overview so you're sufficiently prepared for the big (or not so big) day. My favorite, you shouldn't be surprised to hear:

6. Can Torrey Smith make a run at the NCAA kickoff return record --- as a junior? Why not? He only needs a little more than 700 yards to pass the current record-holder, and he's rolled up more than 1,000 yards in each of his first two seasons.

Torrey's my favorite player, and has been almost since his first play. I still have a terrible feeling he'll be going pro after this year, sadly.

LaQuinton Ross Back to Elite Status? - MaxPreps
LaQ used to be the top player in 2011. Now he's almost universally in the 40s in the rankings. But his recent performances might be seeing him rocket back up.

Friday at the adidas Super 64, Ross made a strong case for a return to elite status in the rising senior class, scoring 18 points and controlling the action as a point-forward in MBA Elite's blowout win over the Michigan Mustangs.


A native of Jackson, Miss., but student and player at Life Center Academy in Burlington, N.J., Ross did it all at Rancho High School on Friday. His ball-handling and shot looked much-improved. He drove-and-dished the Mustangs to death. Most of all, he looked more mature and purposeful on the court than he has at any time in the last two years. He is having fun.

Oh, and:

"Ohio State has been on me really hard. Maryland, West Virginia, Baylor have been in there, too," Ross said. "I'll probably narrow it down at the end of the summer to my top five."

Ross doesn't get a lot of talk, but he'd be a HUGE coup, to be frank. Throw him in with a Faust or Brown, and Maryland has one of the most dynamic perimeter offenses in the nation.

Rivals: More on Ross, Deuce Bello, and Norvel Pelle

Noticeably stronger than he was last year, the 6-foot-7 Ross was pretty aggressive on the offensive end. He's a pretty good shooter, always has been, but is mixing in more drives and pull-ups to good results. Had he been on from the free throw line, he'd have gone for a big number.


Bello has been working hard to improve his ball handling and it shows. He gets to the rim almost at will and has been concentrating more on making the right play than trying to make the highlight play. He's getting stronger and was good for a nice outing on Thursday. He listed Baylor, Louisville, Maryland, Miami, Duke, Clemson, Wake Forest and Florida State.

Still listing Maryland? He's almost as underrated as Ross (with good reason: he hasn't been seen as a viable option in months). I'd love to have him.

Time to Offer Aquille Carr
I don't care, just offer the dude already.

Aquille Carr listed offers from Virginia Tech, South Carolina, South Florida, Texas Tech, Delaware, Texas A&M, Texas Corpus Christi, and UNC-Wilmington.

I'm not worried about USF, TTU, or any of the others, but Virginia Tech, South Carolina, and TAMU could be players here. I'd be happy, in a weird way, if he ended up with Darrin Horn (my boy, as you all know) but I couldn't stand seeing him in Blacksburg. I'd hurl.

Xtra Point: Maryland Terrapins 2010 Team Preview
Actually a pretty good write-up on Maryland football, and a lot is what I've been saying, too. Sadly, he picks Maryland to finish last. Would anyone doubt him at this point.

Bino Ranson Talks Terps - WBAL Radio
I actually haven't listened yet, but it's going to be the first thing I do in the morning.

Hopkins' stock is rising - High School Hoop
Long shot and probably won't happen, especially with Baru being an option, but we'll see.

TSR: Baseball Terps in the Pros
Good roundup of what the newest former Terp baseballers have ended up doing in their time in the minors so far. Does Cito Culver count as a Terp?

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