Maryland Minute - 07.22.10 - More Bad News for Football

Yesterday we found out that Florida DB commit Allen Ramsey decommitted from the Terps and turned around and committed to Wake Forest. But the bad news doesn't stop there. Speedy running back Caleb Porzel, who has speed that makes him capable of being a game changer, is transferring out of Maryland. He's apparently had academic and other issues with the team, so it's not too surprising, but it's still disappointing to see someone with that much speed leave your program.

IMS: Porzel Definitely Gone
Phooey. Doesn't really need explanation of why it sucks. D.J. Adams is actually a great back in his own right, and Gary Douglas ain't bad, but Porzel had the potential to be a game-changer. -BB

Running back Caleb Porzel leaving Maryland -
This is both not surprising and probably deserves it's own post. We still have depth at tailback, but Patrick Stevens points out in the next clipping....

No depth issues for Terps at tailback --- yet -
...Porzel's departure leaves Md with just 3 tailbacks for 2011 and that could be bad news bears...

Swinney considering measures to keep 'runners' out - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Great piece by Heather Dinich at ESPN on keeping "runners" out. Maryland is one of the best at doing that, helping to educate their players about what NOT to do around an agent and also requiring all agents to go through someone with the university. Say what you want about Ralph, but like Gary, he runs a squeaky-clean program.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup - Matt Bracken on University of Maryland, local and national recruiting news -
Matt Bracken's weekly roundup. Always a good read.

Can Bino Ranson Make a Difference for Terps in Baltimore? | Baltimore Sports Report
Baltimore Sports report weight in on the Bino hire and discusses whether he can make a difference in the Terps' Baltimore recruiting.

Terps lacrosse coach Tillman hires one assistant, retains another -
Coach John Tillman hired Kevin Warne and retained Ryan Moran as an assistant. His staff is starting to come together...

MLax: Maryland Coach John Tillman Announces Coaching Staff
Now that Slaf is coaching HS lax, a new assistant was needed: Kevin Warne. Ryan Moran was retained from the previous staff. -BB

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