Maryland Minute - 07.14.10 - Torrey Smith and Alex Wujciak Going to Greensboro

Tip of the hat to Ben B. for most of the links today.

Guess who's going to Greensboro? Torrey Smith and Alex Wujciak - D1SCOURSE
Good and good. Wujciak has never seemed like an awesome interview, but he's a senior who knows what to say and is probably the best player on the team. Torrey's always good in front of a camera, and deserves it. - BB

My take - If I had to pick two guys, those would be the ones I selected.

Another year in the crucible for Ralph Friedgen, survivor - Dr. Saturday
Just a basic overview of where Ralph currently stands. It's nothing you don't know, but it's just another reminder of his current standing. -BB

Reason for Hope Against WVU: 'Eers Play LSU Next Week

Trap game!

The Terrapins were putrid last year, and if they haven't improved drastically then this game should not be close. But it arrives just one week before the Mountaineers' trip to LSU, so the danger of looking ahead exists. Besides, Maryland can't actually get any worse, can it?

Have a weird, positive feeling. -BB

My take - I really think we'll be better than folks think. I definitely think this could be a trap game. Mercy do I hate WVU.

Key stretch: Maryland - ACC Blog - ESPN
Completely agree. Maryland goes 3-1 or 4-0, there's a postseason chance. Less, and I'm not confident. -BB

My take - Yup.

Peach Jam Day Two Quieter for Terp Targets
Omar Calhoun is the only standout of note:

Highly regarded in his native NYC, the 6-foot-4 junior to be is a wing scorer with good range and the confidence that each shot he takes is going to go down. He forced some things at times against the Oakland Soldiers but also did a nice job of getting to the line during his 31 point outing.

Recruiting Report: Poly's Donovan Riley getting an early start
A 2012 prospect from Baltimore, Donovan Riley is looking pretty good early. Apparently Maryland, Pitt, and Rutgers are his early favorites. -BB

My Take - We have a lot of football talent in state. I hope we start locking it up. I think it's the key to taking the program back to the 2001-2004 standard we all loved.

Read The Bill: H. Res. 1184 -
Stumbled upon this today because it appeared in my Google Alert for Maryland. This is the text of the resolution the House of Reps passed to honor Maryland's basketball team, including Greivis and Gary. Pretty cool. One of the best things Congress has ever done.


Maryland's Stocked Fridge: No. 63 Dan Ennis - D1SCOURSE

Patrick Stevens continues his look at Friedgen's top 66 players during his time in College Park. Coming in at 63 is Dan Ennis, who helped secure a kicking position that had been in flux.

Maryland's Stocked Fridge: No. 62 Conrad Bolston - D1SCOURSE

More from the countdown.

Maryland's Stocked Fridge: No. 61 Phil Costa - D1SCOURSE

And another.

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