Maryland Minute - 07.13.10 - Texas & Maryland Complete Home & Home Agreement

Sorry, couldn't find any pictures of MD playing Texas. I think the last time they met was in the 1978 Sun Bowl. We lost 42-0

Big, big news on the football front. Maryland and Texas have agreed to do a home-home series starting in 2014. The best part? Each school gets $3.5 million immediately up front according to DCist. That money could be used to help bring Joe Castiglione to College Park or buy-out Friedgen/Franklin and bring in someone like Mike Leach. That's basically Ben B.'s dream scenario. We'll have to wait and see what happens. The game will be played at FedEx not in Byrd, which basically doubles the crowd capacity for the game. It will be interesting to see who's coach MD by that point and how well the Terps are doing. If they played today, they'd get killed. But in 4 years, who knows? Onto the rest of the MM, which is very heavy in Summer League basketball stories. Props to BB for the links today.

Passionate player: Fiery Grizzlies rookie Vasquez is learning the ropes
Sounds like he's very slowly figuring out the NBA game. Sometimes that's the way it works. -BB

Summer League Report, Part II: DJ Starts for Lakers, Scores Team-High 17
Would absolutely love to see him make the roster and join up with Steve Blake. He's got an uphill battle, but a +6 on the +/- (the only positive +/- in the starting five), four assists, and 17 points is a great start.

Ekene Ibekwe also played tonight for the Trailblazers, but was quiet; 2 points, 2 boards, 5 fouls. -BB

My take - Good think for Ekene they're allowed 10 fouls in the Summer League...and I'd love to see DJ partner up with SB to win an NBA title.

Summer League Report: Greivis Quiet in Second Outing
5 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, 1 turnover. He'll get better. -BB

My take - Agreed. I think he'll be a starter one day...

Greivis Vasquez, O.J. Mayo hit it off
Hopefully the synergy between the two translates to playing time and great stats for Greivis. -BB\

My take - hopefully they work together and Greivis can get better and get more playing time.

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