Maryland Minute - 07.12.10 - Vasquez and NCM Video Highlights; Brown and Faust Impress Again

What is the only thing better than Ben's recap of Greivis and several other Terps' NBA summer league performances? Video highlights. 

Video Highlights - Memphis vs. Atlanta -
Video highlights from Greivis and Landon's pro debuts against each other. The first highlight is of Greivis getting a steal and then making this awesome pass as they streak down the court to covert on the other end. I might have to start watching the NBA now...

Clippers vs. Wizards highlights -
Nik Caner-Medley had a game high 17 points for the Clippers. There is a highlight of NCM stealing a pass from John Wall...but Wall steals it back. I'm going to be obsessed with the summer league now...

Jabari Brown Stars at Peach Jam
The battle between Brown and Faust should be interesting. I know I should want Faust because he's local and probably safer, but wow, Jabari has an "it" factor on him. -BB

A physical wing who doesn't get enough credit for his overall skill level, he proved to be scorer and facilitator on Monday night. As usual, he burned up the nets from deep but it was what he did off the dribble, as a passer and as a defender. There's no fluff to his game and he's a kid who is about his business and nothing else when he hits the floor. Cal's Mike Montgomery and and Maryland's Gary Williams watched his move. Word is Kansas may be looking to make a move so it wasn't a surprise to see Bill Self tailing him closely. Washington's Raphael Chillious, among others, was on the trail as well.

Good to hear Gary was following him around.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap – Faust does it again
Lot of links we missed from this weekend. -BB

NCAA reveals format of new 68-team tournament - ESPN

The final four at-large teams and final four automatic qualifiers in the newly minted 68-team NCAA men's basketball tournament field will meet for the right to enter the traditional 64-team draw.

This is really interesting because we'll now know the "last 4 in" for the tournament. I still can't believe the NCAA only went to 68 teams. Expansion to 96 seemed like such a shoe in. I'm still happy the NCAA did something right for once.

Jabari Brown "Waiting on Kentucky"

"I haven’t heard from them (Kentucky) yet but hopefully they contact me," he said. "Hopefully they call me sometime in July because I would be very interested."

For what it's worth, most Kentucky fans thankfully think that Brown isn't a good fit for UK and won't be receiving any interest. Meanwhile, they also think he's Kansas-bound.

Maryland Announces Hall of Fame Class
No gigantic names, but Eric Wilson's name should ring a bell.

Maryland's Stocked Fridge: No. 64 Jon Condo - D1SCOURSE
Patrick Stevens is profiling the 66 best players in Friedgen's time at MD. Why 66? For the total number of wins the Fridge has while coaching the Terps. Today is long snapper Jon Condo.

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