Maryland Minute - 06.30.10 - Who Will Replace Yow; New Football Commitment Thursday?

Lots of speculation flying around the interwebs on who is most likely to replace Debbie Yow. Hathaway still seems to be one of the top candidates. The biggest question surrounding him is the current investigation going on at UConn regarding basketball recruiting. Could that knock him out of contention for the UMD job? We'll know in a couple of months. Now, onto the MM...

UMd. could be sanctuary for UConn athletics director - Maryland Business
Maryland Business looks at the pros and cons Jeff Hathaway has for staying at UConn and going to Maryland. I think they overstate Maryland's budgetary challenges in the article, but still a decent read.

AD-ding it all up " Terrapin Trail
The Diamondback blog Terrapin Trail breaks down some of the possible AD replacements for Yow.

Red Lion's Andrew Zeller leaning toward Terps -
Offensive Tackle Andrew Zeller might be making a commitment to the Terps today when he visits. Sounds like he's a rising star and he has other offers from Oregon, Rutgers and Duke.

Substance over Style - Breaking Down Henry and Vasquez - 3 Shades of Blue
Joe Fong of 3SoB, the premier Memphis Grizzlies blog, breaks down Memphis' two first round draft picks. And that means Greivis Vasquez talk. Fong seems to like him, and mentions him as a potential starter down the road. -BB

Bey Looking To Improve On Rookie Season - ESPN Video - ESPN
Nice little sit down with DHB. Highlights include what he's doing to get better, shelling out coin to change his number from 12 to 85 and his aspirations to become a director post football. Oh, and his favorite movie is Coming to America, which is awesome.

Technician - Q&A with new AD: Debbie Yow comes home
Yow reflects on her time at MD.

Terps are moving on -
Athletic director Debbie Yow's decision last week to leave Maryland for N.C. State could lead to some chaos in the Terrapins' football offices.

Krzyzewski skeptical about ACC expansion - Winston-Salem Journal
Coach K doesn't want more expansion. He makes a valid point that the ACC is basketball, not football, but I think if the conference had to expand, they could make it a better basketball conference if they invited the right schools.

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