Maryland Minute 6.18.10 - Greivis Vasquez Invited to NBA Draft

Tracking the Terps: Vasquez invited to NBA draft
Hopefully he gets selected in the first round, if only to avoid the awkward situation of sitting through the first round of the draft unselected.

NBPA 100 Camp: Baru, Bello Shine
Get on Baru right now.

It's hard not to smile while watching the lean 6-foot-9 shot blocker. He runs the floor very well, attacks rebounds and plays extremely hard. Even more impressive is his work ethic and the room he has for improvement gives him a very high ceiling.

And y'know what, I'd be cool with going after Bello hard again too.

The 6-foot-4 leaper continued his assault on the grassroots circuit Friday morning and he's likely to make a big jump in the next set of rankings. His handle is greatly improved and he's been connecting on sweet looking pull-up jumpers against tough defense.

Maurice Edu's reaction to the bad call
I gotta stop reading this stuff.

"I don't know," he said. "I just made a run into the box and I was able to get on the end of it and I was called back. …So… to tell you the truth, I don't know what the call is."

At the time of this post, nobody does. FIFA had no comment.

Ha. No comment.

Adjehi Baru is a Machine
Per Dave Telep's Twitter:

Adeji Baru: "Mr Telep, can i come work out BEFORE 6:45?" Ah, Baru, building's closed but I like the spirit

So let me get this right? Ridiculously talented and an amazing work ethic?

Deuce Bello, Tyler Lewis Notes from Rivals
Bello is still being recruited by Maryland, even though it doesn't really seem like there's too much interest on either end.

There might not be a better athlete in the class of 2010. Scoring in double figures in both his games, Bello excels at assaulting the rim. He also has the potential to be a tremendous defender and positional rebounder. As long as he is attacking the basket with a purpose, his handle is plenty good enough to go along with his explosiveness. His downside is when he handles carelessly and is forced to shoot from the outside.

Meanwhile, Tyler Lewis may or may not be a target, but I want him to be one.

Once again, 2012 point guard Tyler Lewis was a creative force on the offensive end. Not only is he perhaps the best passer in his class, Lewis is also proving he can score on the move in the midrange.

More From NBPA: Bello, Faust
Deuce may shoot up the rankings after this.

Bello continues to show progress with his game. This morning it was a couple jumpers from the baseline that have scouts wondering just how good this uber-athlete could become one day.

And yay for Nick Faust's impending ranking!

This sharp shooter is playing more like a four-star prospect than a three-star prospect at the camp. Tied with Josiah Turner as the fifth top scorer at the camp, Faust is draining three-pointers with his unorthodox style. He is also quick to the rim when defenders rush his jumper.

Terps' Ranson already enjoys one tie to current roster - D1SCOURSE
He recruited Sean Mosley to SFA. Hopefully that smooth out the transition.

Famous fathers in the ACC - ESPN
Interesting little overview. The most famous for Maryland is obviously Davin Meggett's dad, Dave, who played for both New York teams and the Pats. And I had no idea that Doc Walker's kids were on the team.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Lot of stuff going on over the week.

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