Maryland Minute 6.17.10 - NBPA Day One Recaps: Finney-Smith, Faust, Baru


Rivals - NBPA Top 100: First session
Two Maryland targets stood out:

Dorian Finney-Smith, SF, Portsmouth (Va.) Norcom- "Do-Do" didn't get a bunch of touches from his guards and was playing more as a four man, but that didn't stop him from producing. If you don't give him the ball, he just goes and gets it off the rim and is a playmaker in transition. His activity on both ends was impressive and he'll be due a nice bump in the next set of rankings.

Sounds absolutely perfect to pair with an elite scoring wing. Like, oh, I don't know...

Nick Faust, SF, Baltimore (Md.) City College- One wouldn't call the skinny 6-foot-5 wing's jumper conventional, but Faust gets it off quickly and has legitimate NBA range already. He can score in transition and isn't one to back down. Would like to see him attack a little more off the dribble.

So he's Terrence Ross without the athleticism and crazy?

Adjehi Baru Note from NBAPA 100
Target #1B? #1A even?

Baru has that potent combination of length, athleticism and a relentless motor. He rebounds outside of his area and is an aggressive shot blocker. Offensively, he will continue to put the pieces together.

Nick Faust Tied for 7th in Scoring at NBPA
Mostly thanks to his 17 point performance in game one, but still impressive. Tyler Lewis is tied for 10th, but calling him a target is questionable.

Cornell's Jeff Tambroni To Be Penn State's Next Head Coach
Tambroni turned down Maryland. This means one of two things: Patrick Stevens is much, much more right than anyone could've thought and Penn State suddenly transformed into a private school, or Penn State has a lot more money to throw at Tambroni than Maryland. I mean, I understand the fan pressure thing, but when did that stop Tom Crean and John Calipari from staying at their good, well-paying jobs?

If option #2 is right, we need more cash. And the Big Ten just got a serious lacrosse presence. Just sayin'. I'll stop now.

Lacrosse Coach Accepts Maryland Job - The Harvard Crimson
The view from Harvard. Seems like they liked him, but it's a rather unemotional piece. Still, no debating that he's created a ton of momentum at a school that really didn't have much too long ago.

Recruiting Report: Video: Nike Baltimore Elite highlights from Portland
Most of the highlights are recycled, but there's still plenty of talent on B-More Elite. Also, Greg Lewis is big.

Maryland to the Big Ten? Thankfully, it doesn't sound like it - The Dagger
We still don't know where we stand on the issue, but Jeff Eisenberg from The Dagger seems to hate the idea of Maryland in the Big Ten, like so many general or casual fans do.

Yanks Abroad - Edu Encouraged by Fan Support
Former Terp Maurice Edu might be seeing some playing time soon in the World Cup. Jose Torres is what the team really needs, but if Bob Bradley wants a stronger defensive presence than Torres but a better offensive presence than Clark, Edu is a strong option.

College Coaches Want Change in One-and-Done Rule -- FanHouse
Gary has spoken out against it before in the past, and it seems he's not short of company. I'd be highly in favor of a new rule.

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