Maryland Minute 6.16 - More on Maryland's Two Most Recent Hires

Terps' Tillman not tempering expectations upon arrival - D1SCOURSE
Good. Exactly what I want to hear.

"No one's going to put bigger expectations than I am," Tillman said on a conference call with reporters this afternoon. "I know everybody has high expectations at every program, and mine are always higher. I want to win every game. I don't go into any game thinking 'We can't win this' or 'we didn't do everything possible put our focus and energy into winning."


"I think a school, when they put their resources behind it and get the right people in here [they] can accomplish anything," Tillman said. "If you don't dream big, you're not going to achieve your goals. With the resources they have and the commitment, why not Maryland? Why not?"

Inside Lacrosse Podcasts: Press Call with New Maryland coach John Tillman
You can probably find quotes on all this, but nothing beats the real thing. Right?

Q&A: New Basketball Assistant Bino Ranson - IMS
Good answers from Bino, especially for what we were looking for. He's got the press conference thing down.

Obviously being from the area, where did this job rank for you?

Uno. Uno. It’s right up there. This is as big as it gets—University of Maryland basketball, having a chance to coach at a school that has had ultra success. So it ranks at the top.

What you learned in AAU is what you build on as a recruiter, basically?

No question. You recruit everyday. Like I’m recruiting you now. I’m recruiting your relationship right now. You’re feeling me out. So after this interview you’ll have a better idea how I am and perhaps we can stay connected for not just four years but for forty years, and that’s how I kind of view things. I don’t want a relationship for four years, I’d like to have a forty-year relationship.

Analysis: In long run, Tillman hire will tell more about Maryland than coaching ability - D1SCOURSE
Patrick Stevens makes another argument about it being difficult to win at Maryland. It's kinda a veiled defense of Cottle (again), but its no less a valid point.

Texas, BCS winners in expansion game, but fans lose - Stewart Mandel
I think Mandel makes some very good points - fans should realize all of these expansion scenarios were about the all mighty dollar. And apparently Texas' last minute decision to not join the Pac-10, err, Pac-11, prevented the dominoes from falling...for now. But the Big Ten will likely do something in the coming 6-12 months, so be prepared to go through this again. I hope the ACC wakes up and is ready to act. -DT

Utah receives invite to join the Pac-10
That makes it the Pac-12. So long to the BCS MWC.

Two Terps Qualify for US Open
This article is about Blaine Peffley, who played for Maryland in 05-06. Fred Funk also qualified, and may be more likely to make an impact at the tournament.

Gonzaga QB narrows choices, Virginia in the mix
UVA has become a powerhouse on the trail. Maryland has lost their momentum. Is this full-post worthy?

On one hand, Maryland's momentum had to slow down at some point. After all, look at their past year. But I didn't expect it to hit this hard.

Morris and Barcelona Runners-Up for Spanish Title

Recruiting Report: Video: St. Frances' Sam Cassell Jr. in Portland
There are a bunch of star 2012 prospects, and Sam Cassell Jr. has sort of flown under the radard, despite his rather obvious name appeal. But he's done well at SFA and Baltimore Elite, and he's a bit of a sleeper in this class. Video looks pretty good.

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