Checking in with...Terps Guard Pe'Shon Howard

Freshman guard, Pe'shon Howard, is one of several Terps expected to help fill the void left by departing seniors, Greivis Vasquez and Eric Hayes.

It's been months since the Terps Men's Basketball team dropped a heartbreaker to Michigan State in the NCAA Tournament.  While us fans have been commiserating, relaxing, and discussing the always-changing expansion scenarios, the Men's team has been training hard in College Park.  We were lucky enough to sit down for a "virtual" interview with one of the newest members of that team, Terps' freshman guard, Pe'Shon Howard.  He covers everything from his first week of team pickup, to who he's recruiting, to a possible new nickname.  

This interview is the first in a new series of Testudo Times interviews with current Terp players and recruiting targets.  Enjoy!!


How’s the first week of pickup been? Have any of your teammates really impressed you on the court?

It was really good. We push each other. I like how competitive we are but I think they all have (been impressive) with the different things they do and how hard we play. I like our team and think we can be really good.

Have you had a lot of contact with the coaches since being on campus? What kind of stuff are they telling you

All the time. Everyday they tell me to just work as hard as possible and push myself to get better everyday and stay on top of my work.

With the departure of Greivis and Eric, there are certainly some minutes available in the backcourt. Have you gotten any indication from the coaches as to how they view your role this season?

No, I just try to work hard and let the rest take care of itself.

Are there one or two aspects of your game you’re working on improving from now until the season tips off?

Conditioning and scoring because college guys are faster and stronger, so I have to be smarter in ways I score.

In a sentence or two, why Maryland?

Coaching staff, love the environment, and it’s a great fit.

You’ve been referred to as a "hoops socialite." Are there any guys you’re currently recruiting to MD?

Jabari Brown. We are real cool. And that’s it really, whoever the coaches say they are goin’ after.

Last one: We here at Testudo Times have been kickin’ around the nickname MVPe’. What do you think?

Haha I like it. Hope I can make it come true one day and be one. 

Thanks again to Pe'Shon for taking some time to talk with us.

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