Maryland Minute 6.11.10 - Conference Expansion Extravaganza

Texas, Three Other Big 12 Teams Likely Headed to Pac-10 - ESPN
If that goes down, the Big Ten has two options: get Notre Dame on board and either stop or add one more team to get to 14 total, or go for a 16-team superconference to parry the Pac-10. If option #2 happens, you have to think Maryland will figure in at some point.

Mountain West adds Boise State with an eye on Big 12 leftovers
Kansas, Kansas State, and Missouri actually make sense for the MWC, at least more sense than they do for the Big East. That would be an interesting dynamic. Either way, the MWC may be on its way to becoming a BCS league, especially if the Big East and Big 12 fail.

Virginia Tech AD Jim Weaver Discusses Conference Expansion - Gobbler Country
In short: not happening. Probably.

Maryland's Eric Hayes Pursues NBA Dream
Good story on Hayes' draft hopes. He's already had two workouts, and has two more coming. Hopefully he can get picked up as a late second-round pick and make a name for himself.

Big 12 chaos: A&M mulls SEC, deadline to board rivals' Pac-10 flight
Well, that would make things messy.

Indianapolis Could Be Title Game Location For Big 16
Indianapolis? That's okay, I guess. Cool city. Chicago would be better and make for a great road trip (er...flight trip) if the impossible ever occurred (twice).

Bilas: The NCAA is the Next AAU?
Bold statement, considering how much everyone hates AAU right now. But still, it makes some sense. For the record, I'm okay with that; the NCAA has proven that it's not a flawless decision-maker when it comes to ruling on college athletics.

UA Has a Legitimate Basketball Skills Camp
This is a big step in their development as a player in the basketball game. No major Terp targets were there, but fan favorite Tyler Lewis was.

Still, the showstopper of the weekend is a relatively unassuming kid out of Stateville, North Carolina, named Tyler Lewis. Like some sort of ill blend of Steve Nash and Steve Francis, Lewis is equally comfy making seamless bounce passes for two and pulling up long-distance for three. Scholarships have already started rolling in from the likes of Miami, NC State and Baylor for the rising junior.

Lewis also plays for a UA-sponsored AAU team with Adjehi Baru. What does he have to do to become a major target? Oh, and:

You’ll be wise to keep tabs on Lewis. He might end up being pretty special. It would be smart to keep up with Under Armour’s march in to the world of basketball too. As the fast-growing athletics line proved this past weekend, football isn’t the only sport it knows.

Obviously, this is a big deal for a company that hasn't made a serious impact in basketball yet. The quicker they become a major force in basketball, the better it is for Maryland.

DHB Continues to Tear Up OTAs
He's gotten rave reviews since practices started. Could be a breakout year for Heyward-Bey...- BG

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Jabari Brown confirms that he'll be visiting after hte NBPA Top 100 Camp.

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