Maryland Minute 4.16.10 - On the Eve of Johns Hopkins

Will Yeatman might be new to the program, but he knows how competitive Maryland-Hopkins is, and he knows he has one shot at them. Image via

The Diamondback - In final shot, Terp seniors aim for elusive Blue Jays victory
Let's please just beat Hopkins for once. People that go to JHU already have a lifetime's worth of misery, what's one more loss gonna do? There is no "edge" for them.

Luckily, they aren't exactly loaded this year.

Maryland is the early favorite for Abdur-Rahman - ESPN
Could be one of the first "non-sleeper" commitments. Insider only, but the headline really is enough. I'm a JAR fan, for what it's worth.

Gorgui Dieng Still On the Radar for Maryland?
As first pointed out by Trolly, the Senegalese big man may take a visit. Hopefully he does: according to Rivals, he's kind of the opposite of most African imports. Sounds like he has more skills and a nice shot, though he's not extremely athletic. I don't know if he'll have a C.J. Leslie type of impact, but any big man with skills could succeed next to Jordan Williams. Oh, and he was in a 3 point contest. I can't see the video, but the very fact he was in one is probably a good sign.

Maryland spring Q&A: Defensive coordinator Don Brown - D1SCOURSE
Not exactly ground-breaking, but still intriguing. Oh, and he mentions increased team-speed. No surprise.

ACC Sports Journal: Friedgen Thinking Reversal
Most of it we already know, but it's a good overview of Maryland's current position.

OneENT: 2010 NIKE Boo Williams Recap - Elite Youth Basketball League #1
A mixtape from the Boo proceedings. Stick around for Justin Anderson (he's mastered the shimmy, gif coming soon), Aquille Carr, and a few Jabari Brown oops.

Andy Katz: Donahue reaches for new heights at BC after successful run at Cornell
I wasn't in love with Donahue's hire at BC, but it was a lot better than the other two in the ACC. It's certainly growing on me.

Coveted OL Angelo Mangiro is considering all options and using an Excel sheet to make his choice
Doesn't sound like Maryland is a huge player in his recruitment. He has visited, for what it's worth.

Dave Telep: Hunter Mickelson "Playing With Fire"
Just a tweet from tonight's AAU proceedings, but it sounds like Mickelson is playing well. Hopefully Maryland is still pushing hard.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
More of a look forward than back, but you know what to expect.

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