Maryland Minute 4.14.10 - Stoglin Soars in MaxPreps Final Rankings

I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up the best player in our class.

Stoglin #45 in MaxPreps Top 100

Props to viva Vasquez! for the link. They've also got Mychal Parker at #80.  

Bracketology - ESPN - Terps a #5 seed?

Lunardi has us as a 5 seed next year in the 96-team format. I'd be pretty happy with that, considering what we're losing, but does anyone else think that is a lot higher than expected? - DT

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Haukur Palsson

The topic really had nothing to do with Haukur Palsson's game, but rather "message board criticism." Sigh. At least Kevin Sutton gave some positive words:

"He struggled with his shot," said Montverde coach Kevin Sutton. "Actually, he tinkered with his shot before the tournament, so his shot was a little bit off. So it wasn't representative of his talent at all. Defensively, yes, but from an offensive standpoint, it wasn't at all. He's a skilled basketball player. He's a young man that's going to be a good player for Maryland. He didn't play as well as he's capable of playing."

Good thing, because at the time I considered him a bit of a project. He still may be, but a solid shot would get him on the floor. - BB

Profile on Recent Commitment, Ryan Doyle

I like kids with a mean streak:

"Doyle is a nice kid who is kind of low key until he puts on his pads," Lucas said. "He becomes really intense and loves the game. Once he makes contact, he's going to stay there and finish you off."


Interesting Take on the State of MD Lacrosse

Basically says they're the best of the second-tier teams. Until they beat one of the big boys, I'm inclined to agree.   

Patrick Stevens has an entirely different take

Says that everything is "sorting itself out." Any lacrosse fans want to chime in here?  

Faceoff: Maryland's Yeatman either "probable" or "game-time decision" for Saturday

He's a big time player but the offense stepped up last week without him. 

C.J. Leslie Not Announcing this Weekend

Not exactly pertinent to Terps fans anyway. His final four is UConn, Florida, Kentucky, and N.C. State.  

Brandon Knight to UK

Calipari strikes again. Oh, and he also just got a commitment from Michael Gilchrist, the consensus #1 player in 2011.  

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