Maryland Minute 4.11.10 - Larry Drew Gives the Rest of the ACC a Nice Surprise

Larry Drew Staying at UNC
The rest of the ACC thanks you, LDII.

Former Target Marcus Thornton Asks Out of LOI
Will Maryland pursue? I don't know, but I'd rather have Biruta, to be honest. Thornton's a much bigger tweener than Gil.

Eric Bossi: Final Notes From Boo Williams
One of the top performers? Jabari Brown.

At 6-foot-3, Brown is a strong and compact wing scorer who just goes out there and gets buckets. He's going to score a lot of points in the Pac-10 (where he lands I don't know, but I bet it will be in the Pac-10) when he gets to school and his strength and ability to catch and shoot should help him make the transition.

Boooooo Pac-10. Also, Mikael Hopkins is one to "Keep an Eye on":

He's still lacking a bit for strength, but the 2011 big man is progressing quite nicely. He scores around the rim and is a high level rebounder both in and out of his area. Overall his fundamentals are solid (not surprising given he plays for a great coach at DeMatha in Mike Jones) and he plays with purpose.

Williams cherishes his Torrington roots while emerging as hoop force at Maryland
A J-Dub article from his hometown paper = awesome. Everyone's favorite chin-strap rocking freshman sounds pretty cool off the court, and is very family-oriented. There's also some more...controversial stuff in there:

He wasn't always viewed so favorably as a middle school and high school player. He wasn't the best student. People in largely white Torrington gossiped about his parents — dad black, mom white. Remarks in the Register-Citizen's unedited comment sections, in print and online, grew so negative, threatening and racist, Leron Williams said he took a lawyer to the newspaper to demand his son's name be kept out of the feature. Other parents yelled from the high school stands: "Stop giving that Williams kid so much playing time."

Recruiting Report: N.C. wide receiver Marcus Leak talks Terps pledge
Sounds very good. Good sleeper pickup.

Justin Anderson Doesn't Let Hype Get in the Way - Daily Press
Please, Gary Williams, do everything you can. Anderson is ridiculous. He didn't have the best of games Day One, but that's okay.

Cezar Guerrero Probably Not Happening, But Is Entertaining as Ever
Unfortunately, he didn't list Maryland, but it's still an enjoyable read for a player we once coveted. He says he wants to be Magic Johnson with a better jumpshot. Swag level is off the charts.

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