Boo Williams Day One Link Round-Up

Devin Langford Banner

Ready for the run-down? Let's do it.

First up, I feel obliged to mention Devin Langford a second time. IMS called him "very impressive"; Eric Bossi was similarly positive, though not as much.

During the winter, Huntsville's Devin Langford was touted as a 6-foot-6 point guard. When I saw him play [in the winter], he struggled mightily and looked disinterested. Playing alongside Austin Rivers for Each 1 Teach 1, Langford looked like a high major wing prospect at times. A solid athlete with some versatility, it'd be interesting to see what he would do if he got much more aggressive.

Another Terp target that impressed was Desmond Hubert, a New Jersey big man. Rivals said the most about him, calling him...well, I'll let you read.

Hubert looked like a young version of Jarvis Varnado blocking shots and finishing above the rim with athleticism and length. He is still raw on the offensive end, but Hubert is a game changer on defense, and makes opponents think twice about attempting shots in the lane.

David Teel of the Daily Press concurred, calling him a "defensive force".

The Rivals article linked above also had short mentions of Justin Anderson - unsurprisingly positive - and Mikael Hopkins, whom apparently showed "good footwork". Luckily, Hopkins listed Maryland in his apparently ultra-long school list. They also took notice of Aquille Carr, a 5-7 point guard out of Baltimore. Carr is 2013, so he's got a long ways before the recruitment really heats up, but he's unbelievably quick and can elevate. All he needs is about two more inches.

Also, it looks like we can cross one more player off the list: Aaron Brown, a SF out of Pennsylvania that checked in at #12 on the Big Board. IMS has the word, via Twitter:

Penn Wood's Aaron Brown told me he's a Big East guy. There's not too much interest in Maryland there.

No problem, give me Langford.

Unfortunately, little else was uncovered from the first day in Hampton. ESPN's write-up mentioned nary a Maryland target, and the Twitter feeds were focused on Marquis Teague's official blow-up - Michael Gilchrist's spot may be in trouble. 

Hopefully Day Two will prove more productive for Maryland fans.

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