Maryland Minute 3.9.10 - Awards Keep Rollin' In for MD

Anybody else think this is a Babe Ruth-esque point to his future banner in the rafters?

How close was the ACC POY and COY voting?

Not all that close. Greivis got 73.6% of the vote and Gary got 79.2% of his vote. Historically, those are some pretty impressive percentages. 

CBB All-American Team - Jeff Goodman

He's got GV as a first-teamer. I still think he'll end up on the second team but first team All-American would be an incredible honor. 

Duke at Maryland is "Game of the Year" - Pat Forde

"Excellently played in a charged atmosphere with a lot on the line. The Terrapins grabbed a share of their first ACC title since 2002, and Greivis Vasquez might have snatched league player of the year honors away from Jon Scheyer in the process of making two heroic shots down the stretch."

Definitely the most electric college basketball game I've ever attended. That off-balance miracle shot by Greivis will be one fans remember for years to come. 

Dave Neal Wins Irish Superleague Player of the Month Award

Not a bad day to be a Terp, huh? He takes home the honor after averaging 27 points, 14.6, rebounds and 3.8 assists this past month.

More Insanity from Lunardi

After having the Terps as a 5 seed a couple days ago, somehow we're down to a 6 seed. Oh, and Georgtown, (a team with a worse record, a lower ranking, and a 2-4 record over their last 6 games) is sitting comfortable at a 5 seed. Makes a lot of sense to me...

Bracketology 101: Bracketology 101's Field of 65 - March 9

Terps a 4 seed. I like it. - DT 

NCAA Grants One Year Grace Period for CIW Rule

This is in regards to the rule that a coach-in-waiting has to abide by the HC's recruiting rules, which are limited compared to assistants'. Maryland will still fight it, but they'll use this time to do so. Honestly, Franklin might just be the straight-up HC this time next year. - Ben B.

Quick Note on 2011 Target, Devin Langford


Lee-Huntsville junior power forward Devin Langford will receive a lot of attention next season as he assumes the leadership role on the defending champions.

PF? I think they mislabled him - he's always been a SG. But I do think he's underrated, so it'll be good to see him get some more credit if he's the team leader. - Ben B.

DeMatha Wins State Championship - Highlights

Quinn Cook outscored Gonzaga as a team in the first half. He dropped 30 in the game - absolute program-changer. Mikael Hopkins had a couple of nice blocks, too. James Robinson, a 2012 kid from DeMatha, crosses a kid up in the video as well; the area is strong for 2012, with Justin Anderson, Isaiah Miles, and Robinson all potential top 25 guys. - Ben B. 

My Take: Cook is no doubt a program changer.  I just don't see Curtis Malone letting him go play for Gary.  

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