Looking way too far Ahead ... Tourney breakdown

I was curious to see how we would match up against the #1 seeds in the NCAA Tourney. Here is the quick synopsis of what I came up with. Assuming the #1 seeds are Kansas and Kentucky very probable and 2 others between Syracuse, Villanova, Purdue and Duke.

Comparison for Kansas: Collins and Vasquez match up pretty well, collins is quicker but gives up some size.  Henry and Hayes another pretty good match up, virtually identical across stat line.  Morris and Aldrich vs. Jwill and Milbourne. Milbourne will create problems defensively for    Kansas, but in the end we would get dominated on the boards at both ends, they are just way to big. Mosely and Taylor are virtually the same player.  In the end we just get out rebounded which would greatly affect our offensive output.


Comparison For Kentucky: Don't need to say much about Kentucky. This is probably the worst matchup we could face. We have no one that could stop cousins inside. Even with a double team scheme, they have Patterson and Orton who could kill us. Another UMD killer would be wall... historically GV doesn't do that well against good quick guards (IE. Lawson, Douglas) This team just beats us at almost every position.


Comparison for Syracuse: Here is where I think we actually matchup well. They do not really out size us like the other teams. They also run the 2-3 zone which is very beatable with good outside shooting (where we excel this year). They are not a very high scoring team but they do pose some problematic matchups. If we can shoot well and keep W. Johnson at bay, I believe we have good shot to beat them.


Comparison for Villanova: We all know we played a horribly sloppy game against them early without Dino. If we don't turn the ball over we would play them very close. Only problem is Pena's rebounding. Other than that we match up very well against them. Very similar offenses and defenses. I think this game would basically come down to rebounding.


Comparison for Duke: I think we all know about duke and how that match up would go. Hopefully we get to play them two more times this season to find out who the better team is.

Comparison for Purdue: Honestly, the only thing I know about Purdue is that Hummel is legit and they play an incredibly boring brand of basketball against the Big Ten (pretty good conf.) This game would come down to tempo. Whoever can push the pace of the game would probably win. They don't have a lot of size and I think we could handle their guards pretty well. This would be a good matchup for us.

Hopefully we get to find out if we can beat one of these teams.

Let me know what you think...

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