The Wishlist

Figure it that time of year that we might as well make our wishlists for Santa. This year I'm asking for a red firetruck, a pony, Brian Billick, and for Coach Cal to lose the remainder of his games at Kentucky.

1) Brian Billick:

The Good: Won a Superbowl with the Ravens, instant credibility known for a prolific offense (which never appeared in Baltimore). Lot's of ties to the area.
The Bad: Unknown recruiter, would probably only be around for a few years before taking a better job.
Odds: I think I'm being optimistic when I say 5%.

The above applies to any other pro-ball coach you want to suggest. (IE Gruden, Cowher, Fox)

2) Mike Leach

The Good: An offensive guru that made a Texas-tech program relevant in the state of Texas which is a huge accomplishment. Gives the program credibility.Given his ties to UA, he might stick around.
The Bad: Let's face it, he did get Michael Crabtree, but he was never a stellar recruiter, in fact, Leach's recruiting has been on par with Gary Williams (before recently)
Odds: I'd like to go higher, but I think 60% is realistic.

and then there's the [somewhat] honorable mentions.

Mike Locksley

The Good: A fantastic recruiter, loads of local ties, born in D.C., played ball at Towson, knows the area well. Gotten lots of good recruits that Maryland should have gotten: Vonatae Davis (Vernon's little brother) to commit to UF, Derrick McPhearson (Gerrick McPhearson's younger brother) and Aurelious Benn (Dunbar H.S. star)
The Bad: 2-11 in the mountain west...the only reason he hasn't been fired is he has a large buyout.
Odds: If we offered him the job, he'd take it, but I'm not sure we want him. Maybe he could come recruit for us in some capacity. He used to be the running back coach/recruiting coordinator for Maryland from 1997 to 2002...35%

Ty Willingham

The Good: Yeah, not sure why people keep suggesting him
The Bad: Not a great X's on O's guy...Not a great recruiter...?
Odds: Hopefully he stays retired...10%

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