Maryland Shows HUGE Upside In Opener

That should be the takeaway point for any fan after watching the opener last nigh against Seattle.


Allow me to vanquish the negative thoughts you might be having following the opener and then explain why I LOVED what I saw.

1. Don't worry about Adrian Bowie.  In many ways he was set up to fail.  A team with virtually nobody in the same role as last year, six newcomers is a recipe for a bad night for a PG.  Now--he did not display elite handle or decision making by any stretch of the imagination---don't get me wrong---Adrian was downright putrid at times.  But this is game 1.  It can't get any worse than last night.  It's too early to worry about whether he can cut it at the PG, and it's WAY too early to write him off.  The good news is we don't need him to be an elite PG---we just need capable PG play.


2. We have an ATHELETIC group of kids.  I think people are underestimating just how atheletic we are.  Tucker is a burner, bowie is a burner.  Mosely is perhaps the most physically fit person in the entire ACC.  JWill even looks like he can run up and down the floor nicely.  Plus we have depth---and atheletic depth at that.  Pe'shon is already chizzled, stoglin displayed nice quickness.  I could go on and on.  But when you add all of our parts up---I don't think you can say we aren't going to be one of the more atheletic teams in the ACC this year.


3.  We may be better in transition this year than last.  Just because so many guys run the floor so well.


4.  Can you remember the last time the terps scored 100 plus in 2 straight games? I don't care who you play.


5.  JWill was just scratching the surface.  I disagree with Bbro's assessment.  I think he is miles ahead of where he was this time last year.  he's a solid contender for 1st team All-ACC.   He put up 15 and 17 in a type of game that, last year, he wouldn't have even been on the floor for in extended stretches due to the frenetic pace. 


Let me be clear.  I expect some hiccups.  But with the athleticism and the freshman--all of whom looked at least decent to me---I think we can do some special things this year.

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