Scholarship Status - Schools Recruiting Baru, JOB, & Faust

I was really bored at work this morning and wanted to get an idea of what the other schools that were competing for our Big 3 (Baru, JOB, and Faust) were recruiting.  The following is a list I compiled from ESPN recruiting.  The scholarships available could be off slightly because its hard to tell who is a scholarship player vs. a walk-on that could be cut to make room.  I pretty much went off of how many seniors they will have on their roster this year, indicating how many spots would be available next year. 


Based on the info below I would presume that its between us and Alabama for Baru, us and Marquette for Faust, and JOB could go to any of his schools as they all have roster spots open and havent received a commitment from a player at his position.



Baru- Top 4 schools are:

VA Tech - 4 commits (SF (97), PG (94), PF (94), SG (89)) -- Looks like they have 6 available scholarships, so two remaining.

VA - 3 commits (SF (95), SG (94), PF (91)) -- Looks like they have 3 available scholarships and are out of the running.

Alabama-- 2 commits (SG (96) & SF (91)) - They have 4 available, so two remaining.

Charleston - 2 commits (PG (90) & SG (82)) - They have 5 available, so three remaining.


Faust - Top schools are:

Marquette - O signees and 4 available scholarships

Florida State - 4 commits (SG (95), SG (78), SF (95), C (40). -- They had 4 available and are out of the running

Villanova -- 4 commits (PG (96), SG (96), SG(88), C) -- They have 5 available and have 1 remaining but have 2 SG already commited.  Out of the running I would presume.

Oregon State - 1 PF (91) -- They had 3 available and have 2 remaining.


JOB-- Top schools are:


Miss - 1 SG (92) -- They had 2 available and have 1 remaining.

LSU -- SG (91) - They look like they have no scholarships available.  They must have a walk-on that they are kicking off.

Miss St--- PG (96) -- They had 3 available and have 2 remaining. 

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