Maryland Minute - 10.13.10 - Looking Ahead to Clemson

Healthy, Fresh Terps Poised For Difficult Stretch -
Yeah, we'll know what we need to know about Maryland in the coming weeks, as 4 of the next 5 are on the road...tough stretch...

Opportunity for Andre Ellington - ACC Blog - ESPN
I hope he doesn't get the record...and I hope we can stop their run, period.

Terps-Tigers Preview | Baltimore Sports Report
Nice summary of the Terps season thus far and also info on recent games between Clemson and MD. I still can't believe of our two wins last year, one was against a 1AA team we beat in OT and the other was against Clemson.

Terrapins Insider - Clemson's Swinney: Maryland's offense might be the 'most difficult we've had to prepare for'
Considering they played Auburn, I'm guessing this isn't true. It might be, though, if Maryland brings back the flexbone. -BB

Seen, but hardly heard - The Diamondback - Sports
I hope we handle the crowd noise better than we did at WVU...then again, it couldn't get much worse than that opening drive, right?

CFN Says Clemson Over Maryland, 28-17
I actually think that's about right. -BB

My take - I think it's going to be hard to win in Death Valley...I think it will be a little closer, maybe 23-20?

Tracking the Terps: Five questions about Terps basketball -  Jeff Barker -
Good questions about Terps bball.

Recruiting Report: St. Frances' Greg Lewis taking trips, making plans - Matt Bracken -
Apparently MD was recruiting Lewis and JOB...

Shawne Merriman Done in San Diego
He's injured, and will be released by the Chargers once he's healthy. He's expected to miss 2-4 weeks before being on the open market. Injuries really derailed his career, but hopefully he can come back home to the Redskins or Ravens. -BB

My take - Ravens could use him...

Decision 2010: Who Is Washington D.C.'s Next Big College Hoops Star? - SB Nation DC
SBN DC looks at the potential for the next DC-area college basketball star...they profile Jordan and mention Mychal Parker. Personally, I don't know why they only mention Mosley in passing, because he definitely has potential to be special too... Also, Jordan needs your love...he's currently in 3rd place with just 11% of the vote...


Men’s Basketball Media Day " Terrapin Trail
Media day is today, so we'll have a lot of clips on basketball tomorrow I'm sure. Terrapin Trail and D1Scores will both be tweeting live from the event, in case you're interested...

2010-11 Men's College Basketball: Dick Vitale Preseason Top 40 - ESPN
Shocking...Vitale has Duke at #1. For once though, I actually think Duke probably deserves it. Maryland checks in at #38. Props to Michelangelo for the link.

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