Maryland Minute 9.24.09 - Campbell and McCollough Probable, Hippo Update

Bruce Campbell is expected to give a boost to an offensive live that has struggled mightily this season.

Props to bbroman for all the links and analysis today.  

Campbell and McCollough probable - D1SCOURSE

Good news, everyone!

"I think both of those guys are probable," coach Ralph Friedgen said. "How much they play will probably be a game-time decision. I think both of them are a little further ahead than we thought they'd be."

Hippolyte Tsafack Update


``He’s the real deal," Willard said. ``He has great work ethic, a great pair of hands and can shoot it a bit." It’s no wonder that Memphis coach Josh Pastner has been to see Tsafack a couple times already in the fall, Virginia coach Tony Bennett has made the short trek to stop by and assistants from UCLA, West Virginia and Western Kentucky have also made the trip.

That's surprising to hear, but Hippo's still below the Big 3 plus Collier.

Zags Updates Harris

Don't take too much from this, but:

In the coming days, Tobias will cut his list down and then take his official visits. Look for UConn, Kentucky and Syracuse to be three of the schools in the mix down the stretch.

The photo caption says those three are his top three. Just a word of advice: I doubt that's right. At all.

Key freshmen should see more time this season - Diamondback

Mostly about Isaiah Ross, but also about the whole issue of playing freshmen. My favorite quote, as unrelated as it might be:

"It’s time to just play like a mature team and win football games," senior quarterback Chris Turner said. "The whole ‘young’ thing is not an excuse anymore. … There’s too much at stake for guys to say that ‘I didn’t know this,’ or ‘I didn’t know that.’"

Sadly, Wild Turtle Isn't a Go

We've wondered aloud about this a few times, but it looks like the dream is over. Patrick Stevens noticed our question about having Torrey Smith run the Wild Cat, and asked James Franklin about the possibility. The answer made me sad.

"Yeah, we used a guy in that offense last year; it didn't go very well," Franklin said. "Could you do those things with Torrey? Yeah. What you have to be careful of as a coach is you try to do so many different things that you do nothing well. Right now, I'd like us to get good at some things and then you can expand. To be honest with you, if you watch the tape and study, we're doing a lot of different things. We're picking our spots and trying to find ways to be creative and have a chance to be successful."

Comparing the Portis Package to the Wild Cat is laughable, but I suppose it makes sense other than that. Still...darn.

Gary Douglas Moves Ahead of Morgan Green on the Depth Chart

He won't get any reps anyway, but it's still interesting.

Terrapin Baseball Primer

I can't wait for baseball season with Bakich. The first year will be tough, but the program is moving in the right direction. 

CFN Picks Rutgers, 28-24

Sounds about right, though I'm expecting closer to 6.

Brown's Review of Each Game - Terrapins Insider

Short version: bad, bad, and bad.

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