Maryland Minute 9.15.09 - ACC Power Rankings, MD/C.J. Leslie Teaser, Awesome Terp Stats

Did you know that Torrey Smith has averaged 209.5 all-purpose yards in his last four games?

ACC Power Rankings Roundup 

They're in abundance and the Terps seem to have the #10 spot locked up pretty tight.  

From ESPN's Heather Dinich:

It took overtime to beat James Madison (at home!) on Saturday, but the Terps deserve some credit for pulling off the win after a tough loss to Cal. Now they face Middle Tennessee, the team that upset them a year ago, and if the same problems persist, they might get the same outcome. 

Not much to argue with there. 

The Terps also earned the #10 ranking from The Diamondback:

Defensive Coordinator Don Brown’s "chaos" defense takes on a new meaning when Drew Dudzik runs roughshod over you.

Terps Making Big Strides with Leslie - IMS

You can't read the whole article without an IMS subscription but even the teaser gets me excited. 

His coach, Erasto Hatchett, had an important question to ask: how would the staff feel about Leslie’s confident, emotionally expressive demeanor on the court?

Terps head coach Gary Williams smiled and asked Hatchett,  "Have you seen Greivis Vasquez?" 

They shared a laugh, and then got back to discussing Leslie and how he’d fit in Maryland’s program -- which seems to be more of a realistic possibility than ever before.

If that last line doesn't make you want to pony up the $7.95 for a monthly subscription, I don't know what will. 

Wonder why Chris Turner threw so many WR screens, last Saturday?

Now we have our answer.

OC James Franklin said one reason for the play was to take advantage of what he called "free access" on the outside because the Dukes often loaded the box to try to take away the run. The other reason was to compensate for the offensive line’s inability to protect Turner for a long period of time.

Both of these reasons make a good deal of sense.  If teams want to keep stuffing the box to stop Da' Rel Scott and Davin Meggett, I'm all for the WR screen.  Torrey Smith is going to break one, eventually.

ESPN's ACC Week 3 Rundown 

I posted this for two awesome Terp stats:

1. Maryland has won 7 of 8 home games dating back to 2007.

2. Over the last four games, Torrey Smith has averaged 209.5 all-purpose yards.


MTS Head Coach Weekly Press Conference

On Maryland wanting to avenge last year's loss:

"Their fans probably want revenge, but it is a completely different team. We have some guys that played in the game and remember it and some guys that did not play and the same goes for them as well. As a player or coach you do not get caught up the revenge or payback, that is more in the fan base." - MTS Head Coach Rick Stockstill 

Yeah...count me as one of those fans that "probably wants revenge."

Fridge's True Freshmen - D1SCOURSE

Some really interesting notes from this article and definitely worth the short read.  

Note #1: Left Guard Bennett Fulper is the first Terp to start at Guard or Center as a true freshman since 1998.  

Note #2: Take a look at the list of 15 true freshmen who have earned starts under the Fridge.  Seven of them are now playing in the NFL.  Can you guess which ones?    

Your UMD Official Site Game Preview

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