Maryland Minute 8.5.09 - Travis Baltz Makes a Watchlist, Terrence Ross Makes an All-Star Game

This tilt-shifty, blurry version of Terrence Ross will be in NY for the Boost Mobile Elite 24 game. And I suddenly need to find a way to get to Harlem.

Baltz Makes Ray Guy Watchlist
Just like Da'Rel before him, Travis Baltz is getting the props he deserves. I have to think he has a shot at winning it, if only because we'll be punting a lot if the offensive line falls through.

Revenge Of The Big East?
Another take on Big East-gate (that's the name and I sticking to it until I can think of something better). And really, it's not a different take: kind of interesting, does make a smidgen of sense, but ultimately extremely unlikely.

Terrence Ross Makes Boost Mobile Elite 24
This is a big one for TRoss. He doesn't play any AAU, so his ability to rise up in the rankings has been limited, and he's never been able to showcase his ability to scouts outside of high school. But he'll get his chance Friday August 21 on ESPNU. He was selected to the Elite 24 roster, which takes the top 24 players in the nation regardless of class and - because it's not sponsored by a shoe company - shoe affiliation. He joins other Terp targets Roscoe Smith, Tobias Harris, Terrence Jones, and CJ Leslie on the roster.

This is great. Like, awesomely great. First, he could get a rankings bump if he plays well. Second, he'll get a nickname from Bobbito, the MC who does play-by-play. Third, this gives me hope that he could be a McD's All-American. And fourth and most importantly, it gives him a chance to rekindle his relationship with Terrence Jones, as well as get in the ear of Harris, Smith, or Leslie.

Five pre-camp questions: Maryland offense - D1SCOURSE
If our storylines weren't enough for you, Pat Stevens has his primer for questions that need to be answered on the offensive end.

College Recruiters Find New Hotbed at Wise - Recruiting Insider
Josh Barr has noticed an uptick in recruiting interest in Wise High School, the home of Maryland commit Titus Till. If it does turn into a "hotbed" of sorts, it could be very good - after all, the first big time recruit is going to Maryland.

2009 Football Season Outlook - Part II
Yes, again from Maryland's official site, but whatever - it's a good, lengthy read for those long hours at work.

Cavs Pick Up KT Harrell
Let me say that KT Harrell isn't going to turn a program around. He's a solid, four star, top 75 shooting guard, but not as good as Terrence Ross or Mychal Parker. That said, he's a very good get for Tony Bennett and Virginia, and it still looks like Bennett is turning that program around...again.

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