Maryland Minute 8.18.09 - Wujciak Makes Another, Paulus to Start at QB for Cuse

Experience? Doesn't make a difference to this guy. And I wouldn't argue with him. That's an intimidating paint job. Image via Inside MD Sports

Just a quick note: practice was cancelled today, due to rain, so the MM is a bit light.

Offensive Line Overview: They're Young, But Don't Tell Them - WaPo
Phil Costa doesn't seem to believe that experience will play a factor. I wish I could believe that. Regardless, this is an overriding theme of the team this year: that experience just doesn't matter.

Wucjiak Makes Nagurski Watchlist
Just days after making the Bednarik watchlist, Alex Wujciak is on another list, this time for the Bronco Nagurski Award, which goes to the top defensive player. Cool.

God is Gracious: Greg Paulus Will Start For Syracuse
YES! Time for a DE to nail him on his blind side.

More on the Fitzpatrick Decomit
I said it before, I'll say it again: meh. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm happy to see him decommit, but it's not a huge loss.

Dinich: Records to be Broken
Meh. Smith is a lock for KR yards, but Turner doesn' have a shot at Milanovich unless Franklin completely changes his gameplan from last year.

Torrey Smith has a chance at the school's career kickoff return yards mark. He had the ACC single-season record with 1,089 last year. The school mark is 1,520 career yards by Keeta Covington (1983-86). Quarterback Chris Turner can get to No. 2 on most of the career lists, but would have a struggle getting past Scott Milanovich. He needs 2,827 for the career passing yards mark.

Things SI Misses From Basketball - Len Bias at #8
We do too. :(

CJ Leslie Has the Best Play Of the Summer
Wow. Did not expect that finish, but it's pretty ridiculous. Crazy dunk by Leslie. Had to hurt like hell, too. He's climbing back up on my want list, slowly but surely. He and Justin Anderson (who's #2) are the only Terp targets on the 15 play highlight reel, so start at about 1:50 in.

Not Really Terp-Related: Big Time Turkish Prospect Coming Over to States
Yes, Turkish. The kid is "so dominant" that "it's insane", says Jon Givony, from DraftExpress. Named Enes Kanter, he's a 6-9, 240 big man, expected to be top 20 or so in all three rankings. Just a cool story. Doubt Maryland will be involved, but there's no other legit big man on our radar (except James Johnson).

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