Time to Move on to 2010 / Pick Your Dream Class

Now that Lance appears headed to Florida International (LOL) and Painter is off the board, it's time to put all focus on 2010 (and maybe start feeling around for a JUCO big for 2009 if Burney can't play). With perfect timing for this post, Rivals updated their top 150 for 2010 today. Here's the list of guys the Terps are looking at (plus one they were looking at):

#7 - Will Barton
#16 - Roscoe Smith
#27 - Terrence Jones
#29 - Tobias Harris
#34 - Mychal Parker
#40 - Terrence Ross (Terp Commit)
#45 - CJ Leslie
#61 - Taran Buie (Penn State Commit)
#76 - Victor Oladipo
#81 - Jordan Latham
#92 - Justin Jackson
#127 - JD Weatherspoon
#139 - Terrell Stoglin (Terp Commit)

Barton seems to be favoring Kentucky right now, though the longer he goes without committing the better it is for the Terps. Likewise, Roscoe seems like a long shot. Jones and Harris, I think, are true possibilities, with Jones being a slightly better chance - however, some would disagree with me on this. Mychal Parker is rumored to have Maryland in his top two or three. TRoss is still a bit too low for my taste, as is Stoglin. I stuck Buie in there for comparison's sake - remember when some of us (me included) thought he would be the jewel of the class? Glad those days have passed.

Alright, it looks like two or three scholarships will be available for 2010 - it's been awhile since the last one, so it's time to pick your dream class again. We'll assume for the sake of the experiment that Gary picks up a JUCO big for 2009, so you get to pick any 2 on that list (plus Will Regan, Hippolyte Tsafack, Justin Coleman, and Reco McCarter), as long as it's realistic (in other words, Will Barton and Roscoe Smith is a no-no; you can pick one, I guess - even though one alone is a longshot - but definitely not both). Also keep in mind that a senior JUCO big man would be on the roster (possibly a Boom-type impact?).

Personally, I'm favoring Terrence Jones and Mychal Parker at this point, though I wouldn't be upset with Tobias Harris or Victor Oladipo. Who you got?

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