Just got back from KC (saw terps and memphis play)

I have a couple comments:


1.  Tyreke Evans is overrated, at least from what I say.  He doesn't have a pretty looking jumper, turns the ball over frequently, and seems to lack any enthusiasm.  He can penetrate into the lane, where he can use his size if we play man.  Look for a lot of zone as it worked very well for Northridge today.  If Memphis didn't have a role player have a career game (he made 9 threes) they'd be watching us play Northridge.  We'll make them sink some threes to beat us.


2.  Our fans are awesome.  There was not a drop of negativity at the game.  Coming back to sift through some of the comments made on the terrapin times message board really was funny to me.  Sure, there were some nervous times, but we stayed positive as a group.  Why are terps fans in attendance so much more positive than terps fans on message boards?  It's hard to say.  But I think the reason is that their effort is more apparent in person.


3.  Who says Gary can't recruit?  Honestly it was clear which team had more talent today.  Pick your position, the best player on the court at that position was a terp.  I really look forward to bowie, mosely, tucker, dino, milbourne and hayes being the core group of guys next year.  They all showed immense promise, great knowledge of the game, and a great willingness to play within themselves today.


4.  Although outside of Vaz we don't have any reliable scoring option, we do have 6 or 7 guys that at any given time can step up and make a play.  


5.  If Vaz get's into foul trouble we are done.

6.  Dave Neal makes this team work.  I was thinking to myself, "why is bowie (only 6'2'') able to drive down the lane and get so many uncontested lay ups?".  I mean after all they had a 7 footer and a lot more depth inside than us.  The answer is because their bigs constantly had to keep an eye on Neal everytime he popped out because his jumper is that deadly.  


7.  Dave Neal is developing a post up game....wierd.


8.  John Calipari is even more of a crybaby loser in person.


9.  When Gary and GV shook hands after the game, i've never been more proud of a player and a coach.  Sure they aren't nearly as talented as the NC team, and no they probably won't go that far...but this team is hands down my fav.


GO TERPS!!! I'll be there on Saturday...depending on how tomorrow goes I may give a more detailed scouting report of memphis as I noticed a lot about their game. 

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