Maryland Minute 12.31.09 - Pe'Shon Howard to Visit Maryland

Image via cooldavej on Flickr

It's Official: Pe'Shon Howard Will Visit Maryland
IMS is a little conceited on this one, considering a lot of the things they say in the jump aren't really right (Ross info can be found plenty of places, they definitely didn't break the Howard news), but they did come through with the news that Howard is officially visiting Maryland soon. It's just a teaser, but an obvious one.

This means that Howard is now a real target. Both he and Stoglin are so similar though, I'm not sure how confident I am that he's a real replacement to Ross. Still, I have no qualms in taking him. He's doing really well on Oak Hill, and you can never have too many ballhandlers.

P.S. - If you followed Howard on Twitter, you might've known this earlier.

More on Terrence Ross - Zags
Vetter is feeding the company line. Only five schools max, Ross has decommitted, nothing to happen during the year, etc. One new thing:

"He’s not going to go on the West Coast," Vetter said. "Those are not schools he’s considering at this point."

Brandon Coleman Doing Well at UA Practices
Good for him, I guess. Hope Maryland still has a shot there - we could use some good news.

Brandon Coleman beat Joshua Shaw for a touchdown, which is a pretty big deal because Shaw has been excellent this week.
Future Georgia Bulldog Da'Rick Rogers (Calhoun, Ga./Calhoun) and the uncommitted Brandon Coleman (Forestville, Md./Bishop McNamara) each had an excellent day split out wide versus the shorter White team corners. ... Meanwhile, Coleman showed a bit more quickness and fluidity than we thought he had in him, and did a good job creating separation off the line.

CJ Leslie a "Standout" at GSK - ESPN
Time to push on Leslie again. Hard. Sell him on being the bona fide star.

Tyler Harris (Tobias's Little Bro) Plays a Cruel Joke

RT @shelldiddy Yoo everybody folllow my booy @TylerH25 just committed too UNC !!!! Wrddd

He later revealed he was joking around. I actually freaked out for a second. TH will be a major prospect in 2012.

Coleman Gets Third in Hands Competition
Stock: prepare to skyrocket.

Torrey Smith Has Some Advice For You

its foggyyyyy and all these drunk people gon be out...not safe and smart yall

Have a happy (and safe) New Year!

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