Maryland Minute 12.17.09 - Maryland Assistants Story Picking Up

Keith Booth is one of three Terp assistant coaches who makes up the lowest paid basketball staff of all eight ACC public institutions.

Props to Ben B. for most of today's links.

Does the low pay of Maryland's assistants hurt the team? - The Dagger

Well, it looks like the story is picking up nationally, as well.  (Sporting News has a new write-up.)  Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing for MD basketball, but I do know that this does not look good for the athletic department.  - Ben G.

WalterFootball Says Bruce Campbell Goes at #6 to the Skins

Well, I don't really want Bruce Campbell to leave and he's a reach at 6 for my Skins. That's bad.

My Take: Love Bruce Campbell, don't love the Redskins.  My personal loyalties aside, #6 would be a reach for the big guy.

Big Day at DeMatha

Nick Saban was in the building to talk to Arie Kouandjio. That's big time. Bill Self was there, too, presumably for Quinn Cook.

My Take: Pretty sure Quinn Cook to MD isn't happening either.  It would be nice to land a top 30 recruit from the area just once...

Zags - ESPN HS Basketball Schedule

Not a lot of TV for Terps. We'll see possible 2011 target Jabari Brown from Findlay twice and former target and possible backup plan Pe'Shon Howard once. There's also a DeMatha game to check out Quinn Cook and Mikael Hopkins, both of whom I doubt Maryland is really going after all that hard. Oh, and we'll be able to see Terrence Jones once.

Very disappointed there aren't any televised games for Montrose at the moment.

Recruiting Report: Season recap: Rahsaan Moore

I'm slowly warming up to Moore. Could be a diamond in the rough.

Cincinnati Falls to UAB

Cincy's a really good team when they're on, but they have a knack for being inconsistent. The loss won't look bad, but it won't look as good as I had once believed it would. They'll knock off some big dogs in the Big East, and lose to some teams they shouldn't. Product of inexperience.'s Cheerleader of the Week: Maryland's Kendra Davis

Not gonna lie: this is not a must-read. But it's still cool when any Terp is being featured in SI.  Also, you have to love the first question they ask her... - Ben G.

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