Re: Terrence Ross

Let me summarize the situation as best as I can in a way that I think everyone can agree with:


Those who know won't tell


Those who tell don't know


And those who know say that he's still a solid Terp committ but can't say why


I can't divulge any premium info from or what TTK had to say about it, but I can say that based on everything I know about the situation  I still feel's publically available info that backs this up:


1. Stu Vetter goes to 10 maryland games a  year (he's ross's coach) and is known as an absolute stand up guy, no shake and bake tactics are going to work on one of his players--unless Ross decides to totally break ties with Vetter alltogether--not likely considering he's still at Montrose--it'd be a slap in the face to Vetter's rep. if Ross decommitted.


2. Ross was at Mychael Parker's game cheering him on the other week


3. Stoglin has said that he got the impression that Ross was coming to Maryland


4. Maryland has been to all of his games showing love fwiw as well.


5. Ross himself has not opened it up and certainly hasn't taken any visits elsewhere etc.


Here's my take on what's going on and it's total speculation though it is pretty well informed:


Reading in between the lines I suspect that there was some sort of academic hiccup with Ross that prevented him from signing.  I know he's qualified with NCAA per his coach but i wouldn't be shocked if our admissions office didn't admitt him in time to sign--total guess there.


Here's what I think then is up with the rumors--ESPECIALLY on the Kentucky side.  It's all negative recruiting.  If you create this whirlwind that Ross is going to decommit etc. etc. etc. sometimes it can get a kid to start thinking.  I take it that if Ross was on the open market, he'd be Kentucky's number one priority right now as he'd be a PERFECT compliment to bledsoe next year.  So perhaps word has spread from the coaching staff to a select group of boosters that they need to get out in front and create rumors in the hopes that they become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 


If it were Ross who was really having second thoughts--why not just open it back up and still consider Maryland.  He didn't rescind his verbal--and has repeatedly said that he remains committed.  In fact he doesn't even want to talk about it--that doesn't sound like a kid who is having second thoughts at this point in time to me.


Here's what I know--gary williams and staff are on this as hard as they can and it will definately be their number one priority to lock him up--it won't be for lack of effort if he ends up somewhere else

PREDICTION: Ross will be a Terp

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