A Word to the Wise Part II Re: Criticizing Gary Williams Line Up Management

So some of you made the point that, hey this is a blog, we have to talk about something don't we? And talking about why Dino got 33 minutes is interesting isn't it

Frankly no it's not, and that's why I've only been checking the site periodically as of late.  It seems that most of you find the interesting part of watching college basketball to be finding something to criticize, even in wins, and even when you would have to admitt you are totally clueless as to what you are criticizing (as nobody in here was in practice the week before the game comparing Dino to JWill, Padge to JSC etc.).

When coaches suck, it makes sense to nitpick, it makes sense to dig deep and find out why things aren't working.  But our coach does not suck.  I was the first to jump on Buffalo Bills coach Dick Jauron this year when my beloved Bill started off horribly--but that made sense because Jauron had proven himself to be clueless. What's a little ill-informed talk about what the coach is doing wrong when obviously the coach himself is none the wiser?

Unlike Jauron, or Fridge for that matter, Gary Williams, is in my opinion the best damned coach in the NCAA and a future hall of famer (first ballot if it were up to me).  He consistently has us as a top 25 calliber team despite the fact that we do not bring in top 25 talent.  He consistently has teams that improve, not regress as the season goes along.  He consistently gets the most out of what he has, and has a team that looks well coached out on the floor.


Perhaps it's because this site is for the most part populated by relatively young maryland fans who lack some of the perspective I think I have.  But honestly, take a look at Gary Williams wiki page some time.  In 17 seasons of basketball playing in the ridiculously tough ACC he has not had a losing season.  No losing seasons for 17 years straight.  Let that sink in.  Maybe it's the fact that I was a die hard a few years before we won the NCAA title, maybe it's the fact that I have an uncle who went to UMD so I have always been around the tradition growing up.  But if you bleed red like I do, I dont' know how you can look at Gary Williams and not see that this man was born to coach.


With that in mind, how can you bring yourself to dedicate endless amounts of posts and comments (this is collective, not anyone in particular) to criticizing gary williams' management decisions?  Criticizing Gary is obviously not off limits, but why would any maryland fan voluntarily go there?  

I wish there were more vintage Terps clips from youtube highlighted here...I wish there were more pieces about what the team did RIGHT after we win as opposed to hand waiving ill informed arguments that so and so should have played more.

I feel bad for most of you who criticize though, you'll never know what it is like to truly love maryland basketball untill you can bring yourself to appreciate what an excellent coach we have an what an excellent tradition he has built here that future coaches can build upon.  Leave the monday morning quarterbacking to football, where it belongs, but in basketball, even when we lose, we can almost always be sure of one thing---it was not the coach's fault.

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