Maryland Minute 11.04.09 - Tobias Edition

Yesterday we learned that the Terps need front court help and that Syracuse can't beat DII schools. The stars are aligning...

Props to bbroman for most of the links and analysis today.

Tobias' Recruiting Journal

The good news is that we get to hear daily updates from our favorite Terp target. The bad news? It's through a Kentucky blog. I wouldn't read too much into that though. Harris also did a similar thing early on in his recruitment with a Syracuse newspaper. - bagold

Harris Hits Louisville, West Va. Next - Zags

Sounds like they enjoyed Louisville, but I didn't expect anything else. Next up is WVA, and then Maryland. 

LeMoyne Dolphins > Syracuse Orange

Hurry, get this to Tobias Harris!

Unanticipated first impressions - D1SCOURSE

The scorer is rebounding and the rebounder is scoring!

Big Freshmen Stats

Padge had 8 and 4; JWill put up 7 and 6. It looked like Padgett got into the game much quicker, but Williams was better once he got acclimated.

Season Over? Don't Tell Fridge

Hopefully the players feel the same way:

"There’s a sense of urgency with me," Friedgen said, an air of defiance in his voice. "I don’t know if you realize that or not, but I’m tired of losing. There’s a big sense of urgency. That’s one of the things I’ve been talking to our players about: We need to start winning."

CFN Picks NCSt in a Sweep

Would you choose anything different?

Sounds Like Rahsaan Moore Will Be A Fullback

This makes sense.

"I think [the Maryland staff] watching my tape at fullback showed that I’m able to play at Maryland," Moore said. "The past couple of years I’ve been playing tight end, and being 6’2, that’s not the typical height of a tight end. They were looking for somewhere they could put me and fullback just happened to show up."

Huh? Is Michigan Looking at David Mackall?

Worst. Possible. Outcome. I don't have a Scout membership, but a Michigan site saying the Wolverines are putting a "full-court press" on him sounds bad to me. Hopefully he stays committed.

Future Opponent: Indiana at #145 in RTC's Preview

The Terps travel to Bloomington this year, and I was expecting a tough challenge.  Looks like we're not going to get one.

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