Maryland Minute 11.03.09 - Speculating on Dino's Absence

We need the guy in the middle back, ASAP. A three man front court rotation featuring two freshmen might not cut it.

Sorry for the late post today, just got back from the game.  Kudos to bbroman for the most of the links and analysis today. 

Possible Reason for Dino's Absence: Academic Dishonesty
Via the Post:

Gregory acknowledged this summer that his eligibility for the upcoming season was in question because of a charge of academic dishonesty. Following a late-August workout in his home town of Baltimore, Gregory appeared optimistic that his academic misconduct case would be resolved favorably.

You may remember that as the same thing that sidelined Josh Portis for a season. This might be a semester long thing, so he'd be out till late December. That'd be bad.

Williams Hopes Rotation Comes Into Focus Tuesday - IMS
Nice, free read from Seth Hoffman at IMS. My guess for the 8/9 man rotation is GV, Bowie, Hayes, Mosley, Tucker, Milbourne, Dino, Padge, and JWill - bagold 

Upon Further Review: Scratch Dino off that list.  I've got a feeling this could be a semester long thing. 

Tobias: Not Happy He's Not Seeing Without Bias
Ok, so it's a tweet. But hey - the dude likes Len Bias. Can only be a plus.

Thank the Lord: Fridge & Co. Want To Give The Ball to Torrey Smith More

Depleted N.C. State to Make More Adjustments, 'Circle the Wagons' Against Terps
Well, if you're gonna circle the wagons against somebody, we'd be the team, right?

Duke G Nolan Smith Suspended
Not much, but...

Duke junior guard Nolan Smith has been suspended for the first two games of the regular season for playing in a non-sanctioned summer league, team spokesman Matt Plizga said Tuesday. Smith will miss the Nov. 13 season opener against UNC Greensboro and the Nov. 16 game against Coastal Carolina. Plizga said Smith thought the league he was playing in had been approved by the NCAA and didn't find out otherwise until he returned to campus.

For those two games, Jon Scheyer and Andre Dawkins will be the only guards on the roster.

Eagle in Atlanta - BC's Terrible Attendance
And this is when they're good. Imagine this with us - it's closer than you think.

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