Maryland Minute 11.1.09 - Basketball Scrimmage, Non-Revenue Notes

Basketball Scrimmage Box Score
If you want stats more than reactions (I more of a reaction guy, but you may be different).

Hightlights from men's basketball scrimmage - Terrapins Insider
Sounds like a good day all-around, if you just downed four Red Bulls and bagold's report isn't enough for you.

Men's soccer: Terps, Cavaliers play to scoreless tie - WaPo
Ugly game, but the Terps take 1st place in the ACC standings. How amazing a coach is Sasho Ciroviski that after winning a national title he's instantly a top 10 team and the ACC leader? We have the Roy Williams of soccer.

Reminder: Hey, Maryland Baseball!
The Red-Black World Series (that is, an intra-squad scrimmage) took place this weekend, and Black won. Just reminding you: Erik Bakich is on the cusp of something great (by cusp, I mean they won't finish in last place this year). Give him five years and Maryland will be in the college world series - calling it now.

James Padgett Hitting His Stride Already
What we already knew: put backs and rebounds. And Greivis isn't happy (well, he's pretending to not be):

"Even though James wasn't on my team, he rebounded the ball pretty well," Vasquez said. "That really bothered me a little bit because he's going to take my spot and lead the team in rebounding. I'm just playing."

Change to basketball loyalty point system
Fans who show up an hour earlier receive a bonus loyalty point. As Patrick Stevens put it on Twitter, that just means students will scan and leave an hour earlier. Awesome.

Scrimmage leftovers - D1scourse
Couple of notes from Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times. Sounds like Jordan Williams is improving.

What'd Ralph Friedgen Do This Weekend? Recruit
Wouldn't have it any other way.

Terps fans restless over coach-in-waiting - Sun
Sounds like Fridge and Franklin are exceedingly alike. That's scary.

Your obligatory ACC primer - Searching for Billy Edelin
This is a little old, but I never linked to it, so here you go: Searching for Billy Edelin's ACC preview. SFBE puts us at #4, which sounds about right, but I still have trouble swallowing the GT at #2 thing.

Byron Mouton Signs With Maryland Semi-Pro Team
I miss Byron Mouton. Shame he couldn't make it in Europe, but if you want to see him play, he's suiting up to for the Maryland GreenHawks, located in Rockville.

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