Maryland Minute 10.28.09 - Greivis Edition

Greivis' response to all the haters...

Greivis Vasquez the Most Hated ACC Player This Year...And He Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way - SLAM

Great piece from Maryland alum (I'm pretty sure) Joey Whelan. - bbroman

Top Starting Backcourts -

Maryland comes in at #11 with Greivis Vasquez and Adrian Bowie penciled in. It's still undecided whether that second spot will go to Bowie or Eric Hayes, but either way the ranking sounds pretty accurate.

"Maryland’s backcourt is returning after a great run in the ACC tourney and a win in the NCAA tourney. Led by Vasquez who was one of the most exciting players in the country last year. He could lead the ACC in scoring this year after putting up 17.5 ppg a game last season. Bowie is a solid player but it’s the depth that coach Gary Williams has that makes the backcourt impressive. Eric Hayes and Sean Mosley both return after playing major minutes in the Terrapins backcourt last year."   

Gary on the New Sportsmanship Rule

Interesting quote here from Gary:

"I think what you’ve got to decide is what’s taunting and what’s celebrating. Celebrating is a good thing, taunting is a bad thing. So, is popping your jersey, is that taunting the other team? I don’t think it is. But some referee might take that as taunting."

Hopefully the NCAA doesn't screw this up but I have zero faith in the NCAA and less faith in the referees.  It would really be a shame to have our best player on the bench because of a shimmy or a jersey pop. 

ACC Power Rankings - The Diamondback

The Terps earn a ranking of dead last from their own newspaper. Here's Rob Gindes' take:

"The Terps have as good a chance of making a bowl game as Balloon Boy does of living a normal adulthood."

Tobias Harris Highlights

From ESPN. Great if you haven't seen his game yet. They also have a tape for C.J. Leslie. - bbroman

IS8 Recruiting Updates - NBE

Uh..."ghastly"? - bbroman

Juan’ya Green, a ghastly 6-foot-3 combo guard at Archbishop Carroll (PA) HS, is receiving plenty of Big East love. He’s sifting through letters, receiving the most interest from Villanova, Georgetown, Syracuse, Providence, Maryland, St. Joe’s and Temple. "That’s all I can think of tight now," said the Class of 2011 guard, after rattling off his current list. The undecided guard said he would like to play in the Big East, a conference consistently over saturated with playmaking guards. He’s horror-house scary when he catches fire.

Doubt we're able to get him if he wants to stay Big East, but the kid's pretty good. - bbroman

ACC and Chick-fil-A Bowl extend partnership - ESPN

This is good news for everybody. The Chick-fil-A bowl is always pretty entertaining and Chick-fil-A is delicious. The question is will Maryland ever get back there? 

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