Maryland Minute 10.26.09 - Field Hockey Takes ACC Crown

Why start with Girls Field Hockey? Because they win. And they're a lot nicer to look at than Ralph is.

#1 Terps Claim ACC Crown Over #2 UNC in...

Field Hockey. We'll take our victories where we can get them these days. Seriously though, in terms of winning games and championships, our Girls Field Hockey team is arguably one of the top two or three most successful collegiate athletic programs in the country. 

In dismal season, this one hurt more - The Diamondback

The hometown college newspaper reminds us all why this Saturday's loss hurt just a little bit more.

"But he’ll (Chris Turner) be ready to go against the Wolfpack, if for no other reason than it would be rotten to end a pretty good career with a losing performance before a few thousand fans on a rainy day at the ACC’s least imposing venue.

Things are really bad in College Park right now. But Friedgen and the Terps have almost two weeks to get over the body blow of losing to the once-lowly Blue Devils.

They’ll need it because they’re quickly becoming an ACC punching bag."

Summed up very nicely. Can you recall a more depressing Terps football season?  

Maryland Basketball Preview: #20 -

Another top 25 prediction? I'll take it gladly. - bbroman

Lady Terps Also Picked 5th in Preseason Poll

That seems about right. Brenda lost A LOT of talent from last season's team but there's still a decent amount there. Last season's ACC Freshmen of the Year, Lynetta Kizer, may have to carry this team on her back if the Terps hope to make another run late into March. 

Dinich's Power Rankings

Terps still at ten. I'm still shocked they're that high. - bbroman

JV Team Loses to FUMA, 14-13

Good read from The Diamondback on Maryland's JV scrimmage against Fork Union Military Academy. There were some legit freshmen on the team (Ryan Donohue, Eric Franklin, Justin Anderson), so the loss is a bit disappointing, but they started a DB at QB, after all.

At least future Terps David Mackall and Lorne Goree got to make a trip up to College Park. - bbroman

Sterling Gibbs at Eddie Griffen Challenge

Sounds like he had a bad day:

Gibbs did not play that well, and was overshadowed by a few of the other guards in the game. His shot was off from most of the game, and he turned the ball over a couple of times. Gibbs seemed frustrated at some points, but he did have some nice baskets and was aggressive.

- bbroman

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap

It's official: Wise's defense is nasty. - bbroman

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