Justin Anderson Burns Redshirt #9

Here's something else you might've missed in all the excitement yesterday: true freshman defensive lineman Justin Anderson burnt his redshirt, receiving action on a couple plays.

While I don't remember seeing him, he was apparently in on one play at DT and saw some time on the punt team. If that's truly it, I have to think that's a waste of a redshirt. These type of actions are hamstringing the future; I highly doubt Andreson will make an impact hat Joe Vellano, who just returned from injury, won't. We were able to get through the last six weeks, but we added an extra DT when one just came back? Strange to see the least.

If you're wondering, Maryland's burnt nine redshirts already; last year, they burnt just five. Nine is actually the most I can remember Maryland burning in quite some time Here's the breakdown, minus Anderson, in alphabetical order:

Ryan Donohue, LB: Yet to see him on the field as a LB. He's been in on the kickoff team, and that's it. So far, that's a complete waste of a redshirt.

Darin Drakeford, LB: He's been in occasionally as a LB, but has mostly seen time on the punt team. Kind of surprised he hasn't seen more PT; again, will probably be a waste unless he gets more PT.

Nick Ferrara, K: Ok, this one was a good burn. Ferrara, despite looking human the past few weeks, is still a great kicker and possibly the team MVP...no, really. Might top Nick Novak, believe it or not.

Bennett Fulper, OL: This one was fine. Fulper's gotten solid PT and made a few starts. His presence was required, helped, and he's gotten playing time. Can't really complain about that much.

Zach Kerr, DT: Another good burn. Kerr hasn't received enough playing time for my taste, but the line was too weak for him not to play.

Avery Murray, LB: He's only been in once or twice on defense, and has been relegated to special teams outside of that. Couldn't Haroon Brown, Ben Pooler, or Hakeem Sule done that just as well? At least give him some reps.

Caleb Porzel, RB: I'll give this one a pass, but putting in Morgan Green would make a lot more sense. He's a proven junior back who wouldn't punish the future coach. Time to give Porzel serious reps; he should be seeing the ball just as much as Davin Meggett.

Isaiah Ross, DE: Why not Masengo Kabongo? Ross has looked okay, but he's not bringing anything Maryland's other five DEs don't. Doesn't make any sense to me.

For you non-math majors out there, that's four out of nine that seem like good decisions. Not exactly a great ratio.

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