Maryland Minute 10.15.09 - Gameday Predictions

Saturday Predictions - Dinich

She says Virginia 21 Maryland 17. I really have no idea what to expect.  I could see us pulling out a close one or getting blown out.  It's just the nature of MD football these days. 

"It was against the Terps that Virginia turned the corner, and they should do it again. The Cavaliers’ defense has been playing very well, and Maryland’s hasn’t. If tailback Mikell Simpson returns from a neck injury and hasn't missed a step, he could be the difference offensively, otherwise it will be a battle of the quarterbacks, and the Cavs' secondary will win." 

D1SCOURSE Picks the Hoos, as well

Cavaliers 27-21. Oy.

Dr. Saturday on Maryland-UVA

I agree:

This one would almost be interesting, given the collision course between Al Groh and Ralph Friedgen and their shared tendency to save their jobs after miserable stumbles. Except that the way both teams have played this year so far, we're not entirely sure they won't both find a way to lose, somehow.

Could be ugly. Or UVA could run away with it. I suppose that'd be ugly, though. - bbroman

Luke Winn Quotes Us

Slowly but surely, moving up in the world:

The best image from recruiting season appeared on the Maryland blog Testudo Times, under the headline, "Tobias Harris Tennessee Visit Update - They Painted A Rock." Harris is the No. 2-ranked power forward in the Class of 2010, and the guy Bruce Pearl dearly wants to put in his frontcourt once Tyler Smith and Wayne Chism leave following this season. And so, when Harris visited Knoxville last week, someone painted a giant rock on campus with an image of him in a Vols jersey, under the words "The Future." Harris liked it enough to pose for pictures next to it, causing the Maryland blogger to write, "We gotta find a way to top this [for Harris' visit to College Park]. I mean, we can organize the Scheyer-face ordeal, I'm pretty sure we can top a painted rock, no matter how amazing it looks."

Yep. - bbroman

Hartsfield Likely to Play, Robinson May See Field

I still don't get why you'd play Hartsfield this week when he has to miss three weeks regardless; this just increases the chance of a serious injury. Don't get it.

Also, Jamarr Robinson might see the field on Saturday. We all know how that turned out last time. - bbroman

2011 FB Recruit Jennings Likes FSU, Maryland

Here's what the junior safety had to say about the Terps:

"I like Maryland a lot," Jennings said. "They have a really good program and I used to live in Baltimore, so I just always wanted to play for them. They run a good defense and I enjoy watching them when I can, but they don’t play them on TV down here as much."

I don't know about the good defense part but everything else sounds good. 

UVA/MD Preview - UVA Official Site

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