More Support for Turner

Patrick Stevens, the Terps beat writer for the Washington Times, produced a great comparison chart of Jordan Steffy and Chris Turner's stats for last season. When looking at this chart, I think it is 100% clear who the starter should be and it ain't Steffy.

One stat that jumped out at me was the number of sacks - Steffy was sacked 19 times and Turner 21.  Steffy started 5 games last year and Turner 8. I think that stat shows that Turner is much better at seeing and getting the ball down field where as Steffy doesn't see as well down field, is afraid of taking a hit, and will either check down or throw the ball away.  This is supported by Turner's 7.5% of passes of 25+ yards to Steffy's 2.9%.  And Steffy was playing under a much healthier offensive line, unlike Turner who was playing behind a patch work O-Line. 

The only thing more disturbing than the fact that Turner is not starting are the comments from Turner's father who said Chris and his family were "Shellshocked" (no pun intended) about the decision, which leads me to think that Fridge could cause Turner to transfer, which would be a huge blow to the team this year and next.

I've coped Patrick Steven's chart below, but please be sure to check out his story as well by clicking here.

Talk a look at the chart and let us know who you think should be starting this season by leaving comments, voting in the poll or by creating a fan post.

Comp-Att-Int 70-104-4 
Comp. Pct. 67.3 63.5
Yards 686 1958
Yards/Comp 9.8 12.8
Yards/Att 6.6 8.1
Int. Pct. 3.8 2.9
Opp. Pts off INT 7 20
TD passes 2 7
TD pass pct. 1.9 2.9
Pass efficiency 121.37 135.51
W-L/starter 3-2 3-5
Opponents' record 36-26 61-42
Opponents winning pct. .581 .592
Drives 58 108
TD/Pct. 13/22.4% 24/22.2%
FG/Pct. 3/5.1% 14/13.0%
Scores/Pct. 16/27.6% 38/35.2%
Punts/Pct. 27/46.6% 41/38.0%
Total plays 297 581
Total yards (team) 1458 2973
Yards/play 4.91 5.12
Explosive plays (16+ yards)
21 46
Explosive plays pct. 7.1 7.9
Explosive pass (16+ yards) 13 34
Explosive pass pct. 12.5 14.1
25+ yard passes 3 18
25+ yard pass pct. 2.9 7.5
Third-down conversion 25/67 51/124
Third-down pct. 37.3 41.1
Fourth-down conversion 2/5 4/9
Fourth-down pct. 40.0 44.4
Sacks 19 21
Attempts/sack 5.5 11.5
Heyward-Bey yards/catch 12.6 16.7
I. Williams yards/catch 7.4 17.9
Pct. targets/WR 53.9 62.3
Pct. targets/RB 26.5 22.6
Pct. targets/TE 19.6 15.1
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